Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I obtain warranty service for my instrument?

The guitar is warranted through the authorized dealer from which it was purchased. If you are the original owner and are experiencing problems that you feel are warranty related, please contact your authorized PRS dealer immediately. Your dealer can evaluate the instrument and if need be, they can assist you in sending the guitar back to the PRS factory for further evaluations.

On the condition that your dealer is not local to you, you may ship your guitar directly to PRS for warranty evaluations after you obtain a Return Authorization number from PRS Customer Service. You will be responsible for one-way shipping charges to PRS, and PRS will be responsible for return shipping charges.

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2. Can I send my guitar to the factory for repair/restoration?

Yes. Paul Reed Smith Guitars proudly introduces the PRS Tech Center (PTC). PTC accepts non-warranty repairs, refinishes, pickup swaps and alterations on a fee basis. For more on the PTC, click here.

3. My guitar’s hang-tag/COA is missing; can I have a replacement made?

Hang-tags or Certificates of Authenticity are one-of-a-kind documents that cannot be replaced under any circumstances. The original tag or certificate is shipped with each guitar, and it must be supplied by your dealer.

For Private Stock instruments ONLY, if you are the original owner with proof of purchase from an authorized PRS dealer, you can request a replacement letter through your authorized PRS Private Stock dealer. PRS Guitars will issue a COPY of the Private Stock letter for your guitar to that dealer for a fee of $50.00. Letters will not be issued for used instruments under any circumstances.

4. My dealer did not give me my guitar’s tremolo arm, warranty card, adjustment tools, etc. Can you send me these items?

When your guitar is shipped to your dealer from PRS, all of the necessary case items are included. These items include a warranty card, adjustment tools, and depending on your model, a tremolo arm. If you did not receive these items at the time of purchase, please contact your dealer for replacements.

5. Where can I buy PRS parts?

All parts and accessories are available through your authorized PRS dealer or international distributor. They are also available in the U.S.A. through our Accessory Shop at 410-643-9970 or online at

6. What kind of finish does PRS use?

In our history, most of our instruments have been finished with a polyester basecoat and acrylic urethane topcoat. We feel acrylic urethane looks and feels the close to the old nitrocellulose finishes but avoided the issue of future finish checking. Several PRS models, including our Sunburst, Satin, Modern Eagles, and DGT models use a nitrocellulose finish in order to provide the classic feel and tone of vintage instruments.

In 2010, PRS Guitars introduced its new V12 finish. This finish was developed over 12 years, and it is intended as a midpoint between nitro and acrylic with a classic feel all its own. V12 is extremely thin to allow the guitar to resonate, but it is still incredibly durable with no risk of reacting to leather or guitar stands in a negative way.

7. I own a PRS, how much is it worth?

Determining the value of a used guitar is dependent on many factors such as condition of the instrument, demand, and rarity. As a manufacturer, PRS Guitars does not recommend values for used instruments. Information on the collectability and/or value of used instruments can be obtained from such sources as The Orion Blue Book, The Blue Book of Electric Guitars, or Vintage Guitar Magazine’s Buyer’s Guide.

8. What are the sizes of my guitar’s adjustment wrenches?

US-made Models:
Tremolo Arm Screw & Tremolo Saddle Screws = .050” hex wrench
Stoptail Bridge Screws = 1/16” hex wrench

SE Models:
Tremolo Arm, Saddles, & Stoptail Bridge Screws = 1.5mm hex wrench

9. What is a 10 top?

A very small percent of the maple trees cut in North America are actually figured. To make "10-Top" status, a PRS top must have clearly defined figure across its entire top with no "dead" spots. A guitar designated as a 10-Top will usually have a small "10" written on the back of the headstock in the upper right corner. Some of our earlier guitars have the "10" stamped into the finish in the same position.

10. I ordered a guitar from my local authorized PRS dealer, when can I expect delivery?

Your dealer can provide you with the most up-to-date information on when your guitar is expected to be completed and shipped. They are able to speak directly to their PRS sales representative for the most accurate delivery information.

11. What are the differences in the neck profiles that you offer?

Click here for more neck profiles and measurments

12. What are the names of the birds inlayed on the fretboard?

Starting from the nut the birds are:

Peregrine falcon
Marsh hawk
Ruby throated hummingbird
Common tern
Coopers hawk
Sparrow landing
Storm petrel
Hawk landing
Screech owl on a branch (24-fret models only)

13. What setup specs does PRS use?

click here for more detailed setup information

14. Does PRS sell replacement guitar necks and bodies?

PRS does not sell replacement necks or bodies under any circumstances.

15. Does PRS offer factory tours?

Yes. Please click here for more information.

16. Can bird inlays be added to a fretboard that currently does not have birds?

The bird inlays are a registered trademark of PRS Guitars and cannot be added to an existing fretboard by PRS or any other repair shop. The birds are smaller than the dots in places and replacing them by hand would not be up to PRS quality standards.

17. Can the PRS/LR Baggs Piezo system be added to my Hollowbody guitar?

Yes. Please contact PTC for pricing.

18. What year was my guitar made?

Please see our Year Identification page to determine the year in which your guitar was made.

19. Can I purchase a guitar directly from PRS?

PRS Guitars is a guitar manufacturer that distributes guitars through a dealer/distributor network. We do not sell instruments directly to the retail market. Any information regarding current pricing and availability of our instruments, including custom-built Private Stock instruments can be obtained from your local authorized PRS dealer or International Distributor

20. Could I replace my vintage-style tuners with PRS Phase II locking tuners?

No, due to the thinner headstock of models which use vintage tuners, the PRS locking tuners will not retrofit this headstock. Attempting this would cause an incorrect angle of the strings over the nut. In addition, the mounting hardware and size of the hole through the headstock are different and will not accommodate the locking PRS tuners.

21. What steps should I take to maintain my PRS instrument?

Please visit our Care and Maintenance page for more tips and information on how to care for your PRS guitar.