Acoustic Finish

JJ walks through the steps of finishing a PRS acoustic.

Once a guitar has been through NBA (neck and body assembly), it is ready to be finished. In the finish room, the guitar is first checked to make sure there are no quality concerns. After that, the fingerboard and the bridge area are taped off so that they remain clean. For the actual spray process, the guitar is hung, wiped down and given a smooth, clean layer of finish. This first coat is called a “whiz coat.” It serves as a barrier between the wood and the grainfiller to give the filler a smoother surface to lie on and so it does not stain the wood. It is then taken to grainfill (see next segment). After the guitar is grainfilled, it receives four very thin passes of finish and is hung to cure overnight. It is then sanded, sprayed with one more coat of finish and cured overnight again. Finally, it is sanded once more and given a final coat of finish. The instrument then cures for one week before it is wet-sanded and buffed.