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  1. Shinedown @ Rams Head Live
  2. What is Goldtop listening to?
  3. Photos Of Your Favorite PRS Artists + Guitars Live!
  4. The Orianthi Appreciation Thread
  5. Guitarists from Karnivool using PRS!
  6. First live concert?
  7. When you're fav artists switch brands
  8. First Album/CD purchase
  9. Top 25 "Desert Island" Albums
  11. Your fav PRS artist
  12. Dennis Robbins with PRS
  13. Doc Watson has died
  14. Original Music on a PRS
  15. RIP BOB WELCH 6/7/12
  16. Free Virtual Minimoog
  17. Jammin' at the Pier
  18. Mark Tremonti Rig Rundown (2012 - Premier Guitar)
  19. All Access - Shinedown & Zach Myers
  21. Where does the music take you?
  22. My bud's band, Apsis, new track. Feedback welcome...
  23. New Buck Owens Book
  24. My band CROSSFIRE's first official music video! :)
  25. Brother Jon and Colin Edwin
  26. Gig Vid guitar solo
  27. Kennedy-Tremonti Dueling PRSi
  28. Video of my New PRS SE Custom -- in my Home Studio
  29. Keith Richards' comments on being a music fan
  30. Kind of Like "Spooky" but different
  31. Progressive metal
  32. Blues "Midnight Walk" on a PRS SE Semi Hollow Body
  33. My new collection
  34. "Rich Man Falling" by Simon McBride
  35. Having a very Charlie Terrell kinda day.. Who's that you ask?
  36. "Close Your Eyes" on a PRS SE Semi-Hollow Body
  37. "In the Night" on a PRS SE Semi Hollow Body (and Fender Strat for Comparison)
  38. Sneakin' Sally through the alley...
  40. David Grissom Article in new mag "Gearphoria"
  41. "When it Rains" Listen, Jam, Enjoy or not...
  42. A new release from PRS's Top Coat Manager Rich Hannon
  43. Music Expo Brazil
  44. Neil Young's "Pono" hi-fi venture
  45. Tremonti Cover feature
  46. Tremonti
  47. R & R Hall of Fame... RUSH
  48. Dave Weiner's PRS 7 string featured in current CD ad
  49. Storyville/Grissom - What Passes For Love Chord Help?
  50. The "Video Tutorial" Thread. Post a video that provides a technique or instruction
  51. Guitar Stories: Mark Knopfler (Documentary)
  52. Help With a Grissom Lick? “Get a leg up”
  53. Neil Young - "Psychedelic Pill"
  54. First look! New video with Santana/Haynes/Trucks & Paul
  55. New 15-min backing track video with chord changes and scale suggestions...
  56. To list
  57. Zappa Cover Revisited
  58. Jeff Lynne - Not on PRS List of Artists but should be.
  59. Finally got the band back together after all these years!!!
  60. Alex Gaskarth - All Time Low
  61. Paul Reed Smith's Hamilton Band in DC Nov 24th! Davy Knowles, Dennis Chambers & more
  62. Cameo!
  63. VINYL
  64. Favorite acoustic guitar albums
  65. Nancy Wilson in VG
  66. Best Concert You've Been To...
  67. DISCO! (or dance music with actual humans playing instruments in realtime)
  68. Brian Setzer Orchestra
  69. Art of Lyrics
  70. Which Artist, Which Session?
  71. Carlos is coming to New Zealand!
  72. Bucket List Concerts.
  73. opening acts you are glad you didn't miss
  74. Best Live Album?
  75. New/Old Album Cover Day...AMAZING TECHNOLGY REVEALED!!
  76. Second-Chance, Same Result
  77. Congratulations Howard!
  78. 5 Inspirational Guitarists, 5 Reasons Why & 5 Examples
  79. Once again, Neil Young blows me away!
  80. What concerts are you looking forward to?
  81. Oh Yeah - Forgot That Song!
  82. Chris Henderson Talks about his PRS Guitars
  83. Newsworthy Announcement For My Production Company!
  84. Happy Birthday David Grissom
  85. the Doors
  86. Must have blues albums?
  87. The tone of the right hand
  88. Full Concerts On Youtube (Post Them Here)
  89. Is Joe Bonamassa the new Gary Moore?
  90. Essential Blues or Blues-Rock repertoire?
  91. The Song Title Game
  92. George Lynch shredding with a PRS
  93. Pretty Songs
  94. New Chimaira Track! - Emil Werstler playing his PRS 7 String.
  95. Most Influential...Drummer
  96. Compressorhead. Or, how we became obselete as musicians.
  97. Blues solo in 4 notes?
  98. The Motown Thread
  99. Michael Scott..... Gary Grainger...... John Blackwell...... WIN.
  100. Donna Grantis sighting - could be HUGE!
  101. Most Influential...Bassist
  102. Steely Dan inquiry
  103. Tommy Bolin
  104. Uncomfortable fan input
  105. "HOPEFUL SINNER" an audio/video explanation...
  106. Most Inspiring...Singer
  107. What are your favorite misunderstood lyrics?
  108. The Chase commercial with the cool blue PRS.
  109. Original song - Video uploaded...
  110. Your Favourite Riffs!
  111. Name that Guitarist Game.
  112. Favorite Music Moments in Movies
  113. Is this "do-able"?? Can forum members contribute to a "classic rock music video"???
  114. Intermission at the Symphony
  115. Mel Bay
  116. Most Inspiring...Piano/Keyboard Player
  117. Express your Valentines Day feelings through song.
  118. Holy crap! I've found the greatest female guitarist of all time!!!
  119. Dvay Knowles- Woody Guthrie- WhyHunger
  120. Foundations Pt II: Ricky Skaggs, Martin Simpson, Tony McManus, Cody Kilby and Paul
  121. Alice Cooper on MoshCam TV
  122. Grammy Awards
  123. Who's the "Civilian" most associated with influencing your musical taste & knowledge?
  124. Forrest Gump at Grammy Performance...
  125. Foundations II, Skaggs, Simpson, McManus, Kilby & PRSh discussion. Must watch!
  126. Chris Henderson PRS
  127. Tremonti gig in Edinburgh 17/02/2013
  128. I Love When This Happens
  129. New Jeff Lynne Documentary
  130. Revisiting loved albums from your youth - What are they?
  131. For all you progies out there - He came frOm the sun - produced by Jens Bogren
  132. Carlos Santana -- Black Magic Woman
  133. Music Theory Trivia
  134. Happy Birthday Johnny Cash
  135. Fca 35 Tour: An Evening With Peter Frampton [Blu-ray] (2012)
  136. 8th Live4guitar Competition Entry - Yiannis Papadopoulos
  137. Have you seen the cover of Aprils Guitar World?
  138. Happy Birthday Neal Schon
  139. TV Alert!
  140. Warren Haynes on PBS
  141. Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories)
  142. Who is your favorite female guitarist?
  143. Damn.....RIP Alvin Lee of 10 years after
  144. If you had to pick your top three bands, who would they be?
  145. I sure love me some Saturnus
  146. New Ori CD
  147. Interesting Myles Kennedy Interview
  148. Howard Leese is busy this year!
  149. Rock, Roll, And Proud Papahood
  150. Mountain Stage
  151. Justin Timberlake medely on Jimmy Fallon! (PRS action)
  152. Howard Leese on VH1 Classic
  153. Heart tour
  154. Gayageum music by Luna
  155. Dave Knudson from Minus The Bear gives us a Rig Rundown from Premier Guitar Magazine
  156. Good Publicity!
  157. These guys have got taste! (Steve Harris British Lion)
  158. Jimmy Herring
  159. Fallen On Faith - Redbull Download Festival Competition - A Band On The Rise...
  160. Tremonti - New Single | All That I Got
  161. Who is able to play this? Larry Carlton's Solo to Kid Charlemagne...
  162. Happy Birthday Mark Tremonti
  163. Tony McManus - "Gnossiennes - No. 1"
  164. Circus Magazine....last issue, 1969
  165. Anyone else a Satriani fan?
  166. Bernie Marsden Talks About His SE & Glow In The Dark Tuners
  167. Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams, and Nile Rogers!!!
  169. The Forum Member Request Thread
  170. Johnny Marr
  171. Joe Walsh "Live From Daryl's House"
  172. George Jones RIP
  173. VH1 Behind The Music Remastered Deep Purple
  174. Casper is at the Redskins store!
  175. Jeff
  176. Majik Box Filthy Lucre demo by Vic Johnson
  177. Going to see Rush tomorrow
  178. Blue Oyster Cult
  179. Melodic shredding fun...
  180. Steven Wilson's first Custom 22
  181. Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day
  182. Stone Temple Pilots - Live in Chicago 2010 Concert HD
  183. Santana Black Magic Woman Alicia Keys
  184. Intervieving the interviewer. PRSh on AxVault @ Musikmesse 2013
  185. Going to see Joe Bonamassa tonight!!
  186. Opeth : 5/16 - STL
  187. going to see
  188. Blake Shelton jamming a PRS on The Voice...
  189. Bernie Marsden Plays the New Marshall Offset Mini Stack
  190. Key/Mode question
  191. Recorded a quick etude today with my PS C24
  192. Off To See Mark Knopfler In Liverpool (Report & Pics To Follow)! :)
  193. Black Magic Woman Intro Solo for CoreyT
  194. Slayer Sunday
  195. Mark kNopfler Live In Liverpool Gig Review. (Pic Heavy!)
  196. Need Help: The wedding dance tunes thread
  197. Vintage Trouble - Mountain Stage
  198. Summer Concert Time!
  199. What is it about songs with thunderstorms in them?
  200. Songs you wish you knew to whip out at a party.
  201. Whitsnake + Special Guest & Journey Gig Report
  202. Acid Jazz
  203. Vintage Trouble - Mountain Stage
  204. Guitar In Space
  205. RIP - Ed Shaughnessy
  206. Heart at the 2013 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Awards
  207. A Band Called Death
  209. Nine Inch Nails - Came Back Haunted (New Single; 2013)
  210. Nicky Moroch At The New York Amp Show
  211. ...Gently Weeps
  212. The Paul Jackson Jr. Thread.
  213. Howard Leese with Bad Co. on Jay Leno Tonight Show
  214. Bad Company on Leno
  215. James Hunter
  216. We're All Alright! Rick Nielsen in "Guitar Player" Magazine!
  217. Once of the better G&R videos
  218. My favorite "new" band...
  219. Black Sabbath back at top of charts
  220. A beautiful documentry my friends made on being a touring musician....
  221. Sam Coulson 'Modern Rock Soloing' at Jamtrackcentral.com
  222. Your Favorite Summertime Music
  223. My favorite band, Terrell... (Promo Video circa 1990)
  224. NIN came back haunted
  225. Mike Hermans - Love This Guy
  226. Judas Priest Metal Gods
  227. Karnivool - Anyone into them?
  228. PRS P22 Trem w/ John Wesley of Porcupine Tree
  229. Thin Lizzy/Blackstar Riders
  230. Which group has the PRS?
  231. Johnny Winter's awesome speed in 'Sound the Bell' 1987 Sweden in a tv studio
  232. New Earth, Wind, & Fire!
  233. Hardest Button By The White Stripes
  234. Blackstone Cherry, Skynyrd, Bad Company.......................... PRS everywhere!
  235. The Reign of Kindo - Simply ear-gasmic.
  236. Not my style of music but woah!
  237. Greg Howe's latest project
  238. Keith Merrow / Jeff Loomis - Conquering Dystopia
  239. Wicked Inquisition - Silence Thereafter EP
  240. The city of Chicago does something right!
  241. J.J. Cale RIP
  242. The forum members music/video thread
  243. Emil Werstler Question & Answer session here at The PRS Forum!
  244. Judas Priest: Epitaph (BluRay) Tour 2012
  245. Alterbridge - Addicted To Pain (New Single!)
  246. The Aristocrats
  247. Big Wreck/Thornley?
  248. Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler
  249. Martin Simpson - Vagrant Stanzas
  250. Myles Kennedy and MOSCOT