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  1. Backing Tracks
  2. My musical IQ
  3. New Basement Studio
  4. What recording software do you use?
  5. Show Us YOUR Youtube Vids, Soundcloud, Band Webpage Links, Etc...
  6. Rules of Tone
  7. Your self-concious video belongs here
  8. Scott Szeryk - Paganini Caprice No. 5 - PRS (Video)
  9. Capo - feel the love....
  10. What Swede71 is working on :)
  11. The PRS guitar, Forum Video Jam!!! Who will play??
  12. Rut City
  13. About Studio and Stage
  14. DIY Studio Monitor Stands By CLCWarlock Part 1
  15. The Experience "Jam Stage"
  16. Inspiration :: Conversation
  17. In Quest of Natural Sound - Dynamics, Ribbons, Condensers
  18. How's my attempt at mixing here? Feedback/Criticism welcome
  19. A few PRS Private stock Artist 3 semi hollow, production, and Cu22 semi hollow clips
  20. Shakti Sergio
  21. My band's demo. PRS Custom 22 in all its glory!
  22. This Friday in Phoenix/Tempe AZ - album release show at Yucca Tap Room
  23. Night of despair and depression
  24. And another. Lol! This time a CU22 LTD
  25. Print Or Ponder?
  26. For Les (and other recording dudes)
  27. Add this lick to your rock/blues playing and take off!
  28. Band Music Videos Thread
  29. Hans is the Man!
  30. Alternate Tunings
  31. Opening for Maná with my PRSi!
  32. Sofa - Another Zappa Go-Round
  33. Phoenix area - The Bovine Fury April shows
  34. The Classic Tones Thread!
  35. New Track - Spider Capo Content
  36. Does the 2nd half of this solo sound rushed?
  37. Guitar Lessons (Requests?)
  38. Saturday @ the Rogue, Scottsdale AZ
  39. Can I show off my studio here?
  40. Chic "Everybody Dance"
  41. Is this the future for studios?
  42. Who's on BandMix.com?
  43. Home recording
  44. PRS SE Semi Hollow Body doing Comfortably Numb Instrumental
  45. The morning after/walk of shame.
  46. Band in a box software
  47. I need your help, please vote
  48. Europa (Carlos Santana) covered by Raif
  49. Private stock Semi Hollow tone
  50. China Grove
  51. Takin' It To The Streets
  52. What A Fool Believes
  53. Over The Hills & Far Away - tutorials
  54. Listen To The Music
  55. My band, Foxy and The Sound, live from TRiP!
  56. Tone Feedback Requested
  57. Hey Les, did you get it yet?
  58. Ramblin' Fever
  59. How would you pick this line?
  60. Sing Me Back Home
  61. Workin' Man Blues
  62. Weird question: Anyone have ideas for a UK booking agent?
  63. That's The Way Love Goes
  64. Loving my new PS! (Video clip)
  65. Studio computer desk?
  66. "The 624" Demos
  67. I am LOVING my new PS! PRS into Dual Showman with Mad Professor overdrive.
  68. Crudely compiled recording & re-amping sampler
  69. High Enough - tutorial
  70. Magic
  71. First Seven-String Recording
  72. Good Times Roll
  73. More Demos (SE EG, NF3 & Custom 22 Soapbar)
  74. PRS P22 Trem - Beautiful and sounds Sweet!
  75. You Might Think
  76. PRS P22 Trem - Beautiful and sounds Sweet!
  77. PRS P22 Trem Heavy Tones. I'm Hooked!
  78. Just What I Needed
  79. I Dunno, Let's Go To A Western!
  80. Drive
  81. No, Really, I'm Spartacus
  82. In August new video using my prs`s
  83. Mix Test- Custom 24 with an Axe-FX
  84. Should vocalists provide their own PA?
  85. Gig in Phoenix/Scottsdale AZ this Saturday
  86. Eddie George LIVE NOV 11
  87. The Eric Cummins Band
  88. Where Were You In '82? Yet Another Play-thing!
  89. November 16, Tempe AZ
  90. How Much I Feel - tutorial
  91. The Philosopher's Stone - For Your Listening Pleasure
  92. Hot Country PRS Studio!
  93. You Can Pick Your Friends, You Can Pick Your Nose
  94. PRSi and Axe-FX II in action- watch in 144p for best results!
  95. Pride (In the Name of Love)
  96. MellowMan - Waves (Guthrie Govan cover)
  97. This Is Why Les Will Never Hire Me
  98. With Or Without You
  99. DGT "Wood Library" in action! CR Demos
  100. New Year's Day
  101. Out for delivery...
  102. December 28 in Phoenix
  103. "Broke By Christmas" the only Xmas song I have written!!
  104. All I Want Is You
  105. Free Hot Country Guitar Solo Lesson with Tabs
  106. NEW EP on CD BABY...
  107. Jenna's Eyes. A song recorded in honor to Paul Reed Smith
  108. Concerto de Aranjuez
  109. Isoacoustics Monitor Stands. Had To Try 'Em!
  110. Vertigo
  111. Mississippi Queen - tutorial
  112. Clean effect becomes distorted when Master increased
  113. International Collaboration
  114. One more if you don't mind!! new song" Pop"
  115. Recording Drum Kit with One mic
  116. Best DGT vid on internet
  117. Last Child
  118. Studio Hair Tearout Month!
  119. Do you play your PRS out?
  120. Remember Human - new proggy original showcasing several tones on a C24 w/AxeFxII
  121. Janie's Got A Gun
  122. PRS CE24 - CR Demos
  123. Sweet Emotion
  124. The Biggest Part of Me - tutorial
  125. Floyd Rose PRS in Action!
  126. Dream On
  127. What It Takes
  128. Sick As A Dog - tutorial
  129. 2007 PRS experience Paul Jackson JR performence.
  130. PRS 57/08 split bridge coil tones
  131. I'm Walkin'
  132. Please check out my new solo
  133. Blackjack
  134. Old Home Place
  135. Free Tap Delay Plugin
  136. Live Sound Setups....
  137. It's Too Late - tutorial
  138. Starla & GG Bass sounding fine on Conan!
  139. 3 upcoming shows in the Phoenix area