View Full Version : PRS AMPS ....got rid of all the others!

06-14-2012, 08:57 AM
So, this week was a major purge. I have traded away all my non-PRS amps, and have a very thorough PRS collection now. I decided that my Mesa Mark 1 would be better off with a collector who can play a 100 watt amp at a sound level that it deserves. And, I finally traded my Cornford Hellcat that was Howard Leese's personal recording amp and cabinet for many years. This gave me a LOT more room downstairs in my basement studio to devote to my PRS amp collection.

So...I now enjoy:

a Custom HXDA Head(Kitchen sink mods by Sewall, described in another thread) through a pair of PRS 2X12 Stealth cabinets;
a Custom Dallas (Tone stack lift and gain boost) with an old PRS 4X12 ext. cab;
a Custom Blistertone Combo (with a 4X10 Paisley ext. cab);
a Custom 2 Channel "H" combo (with a 1X12 Avatar ext. cab);
a Custom MDT 410 B; and
a Custom Sweet 16+ (40 watts with gain boost).

I'd say that I have all the PRS amp tones pretty much covered. Depending on my mood, I can get crystal clear gain or crunch that will sustain forever.

Brent...are you reading this thread? You are my official pusher, and I must say...I enjoy my daily "fix" of PRS tone!

Just consider me a PRS fanboi, and just consider this thread my homage to PRS amplification

06-18-2012, 08:58 AM
Nice! Those are all great - the Sweet 40 is AMAZING. I'm not sure when you got yours, but I am almost positive Doug "created" that mod on the spot at Rudy's in NYC during the PRS Weekend Experience they held (Nov. 2011?) . That thing is a BEAST and had Grissom grinning ear to ear haha