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06-22-2012, 01:21 AM
Hi I am David I'm 25 and from Texas in the USA. I have been playing guitar for 12 years it'll be 13 years on July 12th. I am a member at PRSforums.comI have played for my previous church as the lead guitarist and as the lead guitarist for my new church I now go to after moving so my wife could go to college at the college she wanted to go to. I play for a Christian Praise and Worship band and another church based blues/country-ish band as the lead guitarist for them. I have over the years owned almost every kind of guitar including Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, Ibanez, Squier, Raven West (not well known but good guitars), Takamine, and of course PRS (I'm hooked on them). My first PRS was a 2008 PRS SC250 that I unfortunately had to sell at the end of 2010 to get out of the little bit of debt I was in. I had been working as an EMT working extra shifts to pay it off but herniated 3 disk on the job and lost that extra income so it had to go to pay it as it was the only guitar that would pay the rest. Since then I was given a 2001 Gibson Les Paul Custom (I would sell it if it had not been a gift and I am a dentimental kinda guy)that wasn't in the best shape as far as it being gutted of its hardware and electronics that the previous owner did since he didn't like the feel of the guitar but wanted the electronics and hardware. I have rigged it with Epi hardware that I had gotten in a trade off of an old Epi LP Custom Black beauty though I did get some Gibson pickups and harness from another trade that it has now (The only Gibson pickups I like and had put away for a rainy day Gibson Burstbucker 1 and 2). I've set it up as a slide guitar. Anywho I do have 2 PRS SEs at this moment since I wanted a couple of PRS guitars but don't have a good enough income to get any US models at this moment. Both are 2011 models one being a Singlecut SE and Tremonti SE, and both have been heavily modified with USA PRS pickups and upgraded electronics, and aftermarket locking tuners. I also have a 88 Takamine EF349 I received as a gift from an elderly gentleman who can't play now do to worsening arthritis. A 86 (my birth year) Lotus Strat copy my parents got me for Christmas that was made in the same factory as the Fender and Squier Strats in Japan. I also have a 2011 Raven West LP Custom style guitar that has a greenburst finish and 3 or 4A quilt veneer top, and has PRS #7 pickups (from a artist grade Singlecut, the pickups were sold on ebay with gold covers).

My SEs go with me to wherever I go and will be playing guitars. My 2011 Singlecut SE is Scarlet Red and of course has the old style birds. I got it last July off of ebay brand new for under $400 when a PRS dealer in Canada was selling it in a 24 hr auction with no reserve. I was hanging out with my best friend and caught it at the last 5 minutes, and ended up selling him my 94 Epi LP Classic with a birds eye maple top to fund it. It has been modded with gold hardware, PRS HFS and Vintage Bass pickups, PRS CE24 with 5 way rotary switch, and locking tuners. It is my favorite #1 guitar since it feels perfect and everything about how it feels is where I have always wanted it. My 2011 Tremonti SE has been modded with PRS #6 pickups, Tremonti Tribal body and headstock decals (wanted a Tremonti Tribal since their first release in 2004 but could never afford it) as well as cream pickup rings. I go it from Guitar Center for $414 new due to they sold the case separate to someone. I traded in an Ibanez 5 string bass that I never played anymore on it and the took 10% off of the Tremonti SE. Not the $414 price but the full $565 price which allowed me to get a nice Roadrunner soft case and the cream pickup rings. I have had an older SE CU22, and platinum Tremonti SE which I regret selling. I hope one of these days I can get a Tremonti II in Charcoal Burst with the edge smokeburst around the edges only, and in Platinum, a new 2012 PRS Custom 24, P22 and a new and old Henderson model as well as a jet white PRS SC245, new Studio, Mateo Blue SC250, Swamp Ash Special with the NF pickups, Zach Myers Signature in both finishes and maybe a PRS acoustic.

Anywho I just wanted to say hi to everyone. Pics below of the SEs, and Raven West together, Me and my old SC250 and the Takamine separate I can't find one with the Gibby and Lotus and can't get to it on Photobucket due to it being down due to maintenance.

EDIT: The pic below is when I had a Dragon II bass in the neck position of the Tremonti SE but now has the matching #6




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Hi and welcome. :)

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Welcome. You've found a great source of information (and entertainment) on this board.

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That Tremonti SE with the tribal decals is killer. The binding really works for that look.

Welcome to the forum! Lots of great guys from your home site contribute here as well.

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thanks for the welcome!

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Nice, and howdy!