View Full Version : PRS guiitars love vintage Gibson amps

07-08-2012, 11:15 PM
I really don't know why it would be, but my 1954 Gibson GA-40 likes my PRS guitars significantly more than my Gibsons or Fenders. Doesn't matter if it's a DGT or a Signature Limited, or an SC58 or a 513 or a McCarty narrowfield. I've actually connectorized the GA-40 so that I can plug it into a Vox 2x12 loaded with Celestion Blues to gig with. Plugged into the mic channel, the gain / volume ratio is at a perfect level for small club gigs.

The clips below are of the DGT and Signature Limited, direct into the amp. In "real-life" I use a clean boost and an OCD distortion pedal to get extra gain when needed, but the GA-40 has more than expected out of the box. The clips are with the original Jensen speaker that is part of the combo. It's less "boxy" through the 2x12 though.

The amp with a Les Paul or a Strat is sort of....mehh.... But it has a great character with every PRS that I have. I like it enough, that I'm building a head version from the schematic that came with the amp (we'll see how well that turns out....) Anyway, here are the clips....