View Full Version : PUP swap and controls layout

11-23-2012, 06:11 AM
Hi guys

Noob here. First post :wave:

I recently acquired a SE 245 (Tobacco Sunburst) and I have ordered two new pups to swap out the stock ones. I've done this before, but I am also keen to change the volume and tone control knobs to a different configuration, as I don't like the way that it comes.

It has 2 vol and 2 tone controls and a 3 way switch. I would like the change the following:

Neck vol to bridge vol
Neck tone to neck vol
Bridge vol to bridge tone
Bridge tone to neck tone

Is it just a matter of re-routing and soldering the wires to the pots I want and re-wiring the 3 way pup switch, or is it more complicated than that? I am assuming all four stock pots are identical and the sound won't be adversely affected. Is there anything I'm missing?

Thanks for the help guys. I am loving this guitar. It's my first PRS and definitely won't be the last.:p