View Full Version : Don't you hate it...

01-21-2013, 06:23 PM
...when you get a guitar delivered to your house instead of work, and you can't go and check it out until you finish for the day?

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01-21-2013, 06:26 PM
Whatcha gettin' Justin?

01-21-2013, 06:31 PM
NF3! I've been after one for quite a while, Brent Moss hooked me up a killer deal on a used 2010. I totally forgot to save the pictures off their website and now the link no workies.

Since he's in NAMM mode there's no point in asking for the pics now anyway. Oh well, only 4.5 hours until I can leave for the day! NGD post tomorrow...

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01-21-2013, 06:40 PM
Sweet! I hope it makes it all the way down to Tasmania without any issues.

01-21-2013, 07:01 PM
Partner says the box looks a ok, so I'm confident!

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01-21-2013, 11:17 PM
Come on, dude. I know you have it in your hands right now. Let's see it! :call:

01-22-2013, 12:08 AM
I had to play it first! I don't even have the internet at home and is a long and convoluted process to post pics... but I will! Standby...

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01-22-2013, 12:29 AM
Roger that!

01-22-2013, 02:55 AM
It's better than getting it delivered on your day off and waiting for the damn guy to show up at your door! They always come sooo late! Last three times, after 7 pm!!!

01-22-2013, 08:38 PM
or when freight gets delayed, and turns up the next day, just when your partner happens to be out at an appointment...

01-22-2013, 08:47 PM
...pure agony