View Full Version : New Video SE Custom 24 7 string

02-08-2013, 05:33 AM
For some reason this video does not appear on YouTube under my subscriptions for PRS, but the video was emailed to my YouTube account earlier in the week.
This looks like the newest video for it, and the same guy that demoed the 408 awhile back.


Albrecht Smuten
02-08-2013, 06:10 AM
Hey, that's my guitar!


02-08-2013, 06:33 AM
Is that guy a member here too?

02-08-2013, 08:18 AM
No they are both endorsees. Good to finally see a proper video for the model! haha

Albrecht Smuten
02-08-2013, 08:20 AM
No they are both endorsees. Good to finally see a proper video for the model! haha

You deserved it ;)

02-08-2013, 11:13 AM
NICE! Finally clips of people doing more than metal on a seven string.

Great--now I want one! :mad:

02-08-2013, 12:10 PM
Seems really cool. When do these come out? MF lists them on their site as July, which seems a long way off. Any sooner dates? Or do any other dealers have them now?

02-08-2013, 12:34 PM
Excellent video!!!

Interestingly, there was a letter in the Q&A section of this months Guitarists magazine by a guy looking for a non metal 7 seven string. This model was mentioned and it seemed the whole ethos was to get away from the 'traditional' metal look of pointyness and black, etc... Some of the other vids I saw on this guitar didn't go in that direction but this is a good one. I'm not big on 7 strings myself but i'd be tempted by this model for experimentation. I wouldn't dream of buying an Ibanez for instance. Nothing against the company but I wouldn't want that whole "This is for metal" thing going on. I think PRS got it right with this!

02-08-2013, 02:55 PM
Nice to see people play a 7 string tastefully. Great instruments for opening up new ideas.

02-08-2013, 05:34 PM
Nice to see a 7 string vid that isn't full of metal chugga sounds (not that that is a bad thing).

02-08-2013, 06:46 PM
Thanks for posting that video. Never liked shredding videos. You just don't get to hear how the guitar really sounds with all those effects layered on top.

Was going to eventually get an Ibanez rg7620. Love the simply comfortable body carve on my rg570. Like others I am not so much into the sharp horns. Definetly prefer the prs looks and that vintage burst looks great. It sure makes a tough decision between the two.

02-08-2013, 08:23 PM
Thanks for sharing!!! I know everybody else is saying it, but I have to chime in. I'd been convinced that only trash was meant to be played on a 7-string guitar based on every other video I'd seen - up until now. I am glad that I was wrong. I highly recommend having this guy make more demo videos.

Albrecht Smuten
02-11-2013, 02:24 AM
You guys live in denial. There's nothing more awesome than metal :evil: