View Full Version : NRD!! (new reverb day)

02-09-2013, 08:15 AM
This is more of a "PRS fuggin' ROCKS" post than anything, but I thought I'd share my experience.

The reverb in my Super Dallas died. Totally fried. So I yanked it from the chassis for an inspection and sure enough, a wire had separated from one of the chokes/coils.


I shot an email over to customer support and within 30 minutes Mike took care of it. :top:

The replacement showed up a few days later and it's obvious that Belton/Accutronics corrected this flaw with a redesign...


...note the new connectors terminating the coil instead of direct connection to the windings taps? They obviously couldn't handle a lot of vibration.

If you've ever wondered what PRS was using for reverb units, here's your answer!
Massive kudos to Mike for simply taking care of the situation. The value-add to their products in the form of customer service is HUGE.:congrats:

02-09-2013, 09:14 AM
Yet another reason to go with PRS. Superb products, incredible customer service.