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02-27-2013, 09:45 AM
ABC2 news stopped by the factory to interview Jack Higginbotham, PRS President, about our recent reforestation partnership project. Below is a link to a short video by ABC2 and the official PRS press release. Enjoy.


-- February 19, 2013 --

PRS Guitars Partners with Atlantic Forest Reforestation Program in Brazil

(STEVENSVILLE, MD) February 19, 2013 – Beginning in 2013, Paul Reed Smith Guitars is partnering with the Monte Pascoal Pau Brasil Ecological Corridor project (MPPB-EC). Through reforestation and restoration of native ecosystems, the MPPB-EC initiative aims to establish a biodiversity corridor that will join two large sections of Atlantic Forest in Brazil – an important global biodiversity site. It is expected that more than 2,470 acres will be reforested over the project’s thirty-year lifetime. Due in part to outstanding benefits for local communities and the positive impact on the Atlantic Forest biodiversity and ecosystem, the MPPB-EC project was awarded the coveted “Gold Level” validation to the Climate Community and Biodiversity Standards. Through this partnership, PRS Guitars will donate a portion of the proceeds from guitars made using Brazilian rosewood, a species native to this area of Brazil, to the MPPB-EC initiative.

Brazilian rosewood has long been considered a cherished tonewood by musical instrument builders and collectors thanks to its extraordinary aesthetic characteristics and rich sustain. All Brazilian rosewood used by PRS Guitars is from reclaimed and salvaged sources and is 100% recycled. With responsible practices and this new partnership, PRS is providing beautiful, resonant, quality instruments while giving back in a socially meaningful way.

“As a company we are dedicated to providing wonderful instruments in a responsible manner. I have always personally loved the sound and feel of Brazilian Rosewood, and I am happy to be able to make guitars for musicians using this prized material while supporting the MPPB-EC initiative,” said Paul Reed Smith.

From Collection instruments to the Core line of acoustic and electric guitars, Brazilian rosewood is available from PRS in a variety of ways for 2013. Visit www.prsguitars.com/brazilian for details.

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Spot on PRS. Thanks for posting Shawn.

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Jeff! nice to see him in that video.

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Thanks for posting this Shawn.


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Nice work!

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That's fantastic. Thanks for posting.

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I love PRS more after hearing this. Fantastic, now all I gotta do is buy a BRW guitar to "help the cause"

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Awesome Shawn!! Thanks for posting...you guys just keep on knocking it out of the park!!! Such a classy company!!

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Great work, thanks for posting this!

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PRS is such a class act!! Thanks!! :congrats:

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The last run of MEs with BRW were for the US only. I'm still wondering if the BRW that PRS has access to will only be used for domestic consumption.