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04-10-2013, 04:16 AM
I mostly play post rock, post metal, doom metal, fusion metal, hardcore, etc

I'll start this off by saying that my hope with buying a new trem is that I will have better string transfer and thus better frequency response, if this won't happen then please let me know.
I'm comparing my CU24 with a PRS scale guitar that I built. The one I built has MUCH better frequency response and sustain which I like better and I'd like to get my PRS closer to the sound of my custom.
I built my custom after purchasing the CU24. The custom I built is a very full range guitar, much moreso than the CU24 but there are material and hardware differences so I'm unsure what exactly makes the difference in sound.

Custom: black limba body, quilted maple top, limba neck, ebony fretboard, stetsbar bridge, it's about .5 lb heavier than my CU24, similar body shape and style.
CU24: mahogany body, flame maple top, mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, strat style trem/brige

What I don't like about the CU24 is that the sound is very thin, nasal with very poor bass response - I realize this is all subjective - compared to my custom which sounds very fat, full and deep, it really roars. I understand that it's a 6 string guitar and not a bass, I'm not looking for bass characteristics, I just want a thicker sound from my CU24 which sounds so thin by comparison.

Up until I purchased the PRS I've only ever owned Gibson style/TOM guitars so the strat style trem is fairly new to me. Since my cheap agathis Ibanez/SG copy (TOM bridge) also sounds somewhat thicker and deeper than this CU24 I'm assuming that the bridge is the issue I'm dealing with. I changed out the bridge pickup in the PRS CU24 with a Lace Drop and Gain but it didn't change the nasal aspect I'm wanting to change.

That said, I'm looking at the Babicz full contact (with steel inserts) or the Super-Vee trems. Will either of these trems do what I'm wanting or is the strat style bridge design inherently upper midrange focused and so I'll never really achieve what I'm hoping to attain? How about the Super-Vee with Babicz saddles? Any recommendations?

04-10-2013, 04:33 AM