View Full Version : Best way to clean bridge hardware?

06-04-2012, 12:50 PM
I've got a trem bridge that is in some serious need of cleaning. Some signs of corrosion and generally filthy. Any suggestions for cleaning it up? I usually use a toothbrush and some very dilute metal cleaner. Let me know what you've tried and what works best.

06-04-2012, 01:21 PM
I've used Maas metal polish to good effect, a product whose reputation got around on the old PRS Forum years ago. I've also used Flitz, a German product that's good stuff. PRS recommends Blue Magic Metal Polish for mag wheels. I haven't tried it, but I certainly wouldn't hesitate to follow their recommendation.

06-04-2012, 02:23 PM
Like Les, I've used Maas and Flitz. Both work great!


06-04-2012, 07:39 PM
This will probably seem strange to some, and up front I'll say that I've never used this method on parts from a PRS. But on many other brands over the years this always worked well without any ill effects.

I'd take the piece of hardware I was working on and soak it in a small container (a cut off paper cup, etc.) of lighter fluid. Then I'd use old toothbrushes, along with pipe cleaners, Q-Tips, cotton balls, or whatever else I needed to get all of the gunk off. Then I'd rinse everything in warm soapy water, and let it air dry on a towel. If I was in a hurry I'd use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

As far as polishing parts, I've used most of what others have mentioned here and had no problems.


06-04-2012, 08:32 PM
"All you really need to do is rinse with beer" Frankie

06-04-2012, 10:23 PM
Thanks guys. All very helpful...everything is better with beer.

09-09-2012, 09:20 PM
I use Hoppe's gun solvent and a toothbrush to get serious crud off used guitars I buy.

09-09-2012, 09:20 PM
I should mention I only use that on the metal parts.

09-10-2012, 07:47 AM
Get a Dremel and a few of the little cloth polishing wheels they sell for the Dremel. Apply a tiny drop of Blue Magic metal polish on the bridge and work it in with the Dremel at a very slow speed. It works great!