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  1. Any chance you have maybe a YouTube link for these commercials? I'd love to hear the HXDA in action! Thanks. You have a cool job!

  2. I've really enjoyed your info on the HXDA amp. I'm looking into getting one but I'm torn between a 50 and 30 watt. I like to run my tone like David Grissom where I get the majority of my dirt and overdrive from the amp and run a clean boost w maybe an overdrive as well. I've found w my DGT'S I can really clean up the amp w the guitar volume like he does. I currently run a couple Category 5 amps one of which I'm going to sell. Can 30 watts do the trick in a blues bar and on a larger outdoor stage, turning it down for studio work or do you think I should get the 50 if it can also do those things and if it's only slightly louder overall? It's hard to decide, I want enough power but not so much I can't open it up a little. I'm unfamiliar w a good master volume since my Cat 5's use a voltage control/power scaling. I've read the master is quite useful in the new PRS amps.
    Any insight would be helpful.


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