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About Felix
I am an undisciplined and sloppy lead player, and I live in CO ("the Numinosum" is somewhat of a joke based upon my applied philosophy) and miss WA (forests and rain and mushrooms!). I love PRS tones and looks. I may be rather bright, but I am ingenuous, and far too open and candid for my own good. I am a very eccentric person, and wear it right out on the open. I am a parent and advocate of child liberation. I like microtonal music (primarily overdriven tube Blues) and high levels of sweet distortion, and am something of a tonehound. I dislike Metal and Goth, but like some classic Gothic music; however most of the music I listen to -and all of my high-quality work, since I am an indifferent guitarist- is Electronic -mostly EDM and Ambient- and I love to go to, and occasionally play, raves and Psy parties, but then I like Nero and Knife Party and such as well, and classical performed on good guitars with overdriven tube amps. Also I like tempered tuning over just tuning, because of the pulse beats, but I can only play lead on guitar (chords? I can't do 'em, but don't much care), and I do love to bend the strings and manipulate them with my hands. I have more guitars with FR trems than without, but I never use a whammy bar. I am indifferent to most Dubstep, dislike Rap, Hardcore, Dream Trance, well... I dislike a lot of music, I suppose. I often like music that is joyful and darkly spooky at once but rarely find a band that can make such music without, or stand to be together on, opiates and entheogens, at least not for long, which is probably why I like DJs so much. I dress in a sort of cross of Classic Gothic and Rave wear, with some Goa influence -black mostly, way too big for me, with chains and straps and dangling things and some fluorescent accents. Oh, and I love Vibram 5-finger shoes and Adidas Adipure Ortholites, so I kind of dress like an old Gothic/Goa dude (which I actually am) who has some sort of foot fetish (which I don't). I love physics, philosophy, cosmology and cosmogony, playing music, playing in general, and most drugs. I wait impatiently for the Singularity; Moore's Law, don't fail us now!
The Numinosum
Tube circuits, psychocoustics, pickup winding, tonechasing, raves, drugs, kids, fun


"We are the Borg; we operate in DC; resistance equals impedance."


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