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  1. Still have the Studio but now it's time for a PUP change...DGT? Anyone?


    I've done as much as I can to coax out a decent tone from the 57/08 and she sounds really nice but, like many, I feel the bridge HB ain't cuttin' it.

    In addition to being mismatched, I...
  2. yeah, i hear ya. the 5708 just doesn't push the...

    yeah, i hear ya. the 5708 just doesn't push the front-end of my dr.z enough. sure, paired with an rc booster (gain at 4 o'clock), the 5708 sounds sick, but i try to stay away from o/d pedals as...
  3. switch tip on a 5 way selector...she likes to move.


    Has anyone else experienced this? This happened on both my mira and studio.

    what is the best way to remedy this?


  4. cheers for the was certainly helpful. ...

    cheers for the was certainly helpful.

    there's something that is pushing me towards the 5909's.

    here's a nice clip demonstrating those sweet in-between tones on what must be a 2012...
  5. See ya studio. now, is it gonna be a '12 or '13 custom 24?


    well, i have tried everything to dig my 10 top studio, but in the end, she is for sale. why in the world do they make this axe with a covered 5708?

    no matter, what really quickened my...
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