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    What shall I buy? Prs or fender?

    Ok. I really need some honest advice guys. I am a long time user of the fender strats and have couple ( 1976 original and an early 90s mim). I have decided to buy another guitar and been toying with...
  2. Great many thanks

    Great many thanks
  3. Reasonable deal for prs 408 in new york

    Im travelling to new york city in the next few months and looking for a good guitar shop to buy a prs 408. Looking for a reasonable deal, good service and advice. Any suggestions?
  4. Best model with combo single coil and humb. sounds

    Ive traditionally had a Strat as my main guitar but have always been attracted to the prs for its quality build and sound. Im thinking of buying one... but would still like to retain that single coil...
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