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  1. George (our owner) and I will be there both days...

    George (our owner) and I will be there both days to represent the store and show our appreciation to Paul and the PRS crew and help them celebrate.
  2. Pat Travers Band and Maylee Thomas Band Live at The Sanctuary in McKinney Feb 6th

    Join The Guitar Sanctuary and Don...
  4. As part of our special mini "Experience PRS"...

    As part of our special mini "Experience PRS" Texas edition The Guitar Sanctuary will have a special Meet & Greet/ Q&A Session with the one and only Paul Reed Smith this Friday September 19th at...
  5. We just put tickets on sale: ...

    We just put tickets on sale:

    Tables downstairs are $80 with seating for 4, General Admission Tickets are only $10 in advance ($15 at the door).
  6. David Grissom, Paul Reed Smith, and the Maylee Thomas Band 9/19 in McKinney Texas

    Join The Guitar Sanctuary and PRS...
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    Violins make Beautiful Music

    Especially in Angry Larry Smokeburst...

    Private Stock #5089 Violin II
    Serial Number 14 211443
    Angry Larry Smokeburst...
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    It's a Laguna Burst Friday.....

    Makes me want to go for a swim.....

    This PRS Private Stock P22 Trem is in a stunning Laguna Burst Finish with heavily...
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    A Private Stock a Day....

    Keeps the Blues away.....

    This stunning PRS Private stock McCarty Singlecut features a beautiful Faded...
  10. Bahama Blue Glow Goodness at The Guitar Sanctuary

    PRS outdid themselves with this stunning Private Stock Custom 24:

    Private Stock # 5037
  11. Quilt Maple+Aquamarine+Curly Maple Neck+408+Lindy Fralins=AWESOME

    While at the PRS Factory for Experience PRS 2013 picking woods for a customer's Private Stock The Guitar Sanctuary team stumbled upon a Quilt Maple top that we simply HAD to build a guitar out...
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    Patriotic Private Stock Custom 22

    What kinds of things happen when I get together with Paul Miles and let him loose on an idea? GREAT things, like this Patriotic Private Stock Custom 22
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    Hey Audie, a Hollowbody I has a maple top,...

    Hey Audie, a Hollowbody I has a maple top, mahogany back and sides (though it is really from the same piece of mahogany). A Hollowbody II is maple top and maple back with mahogany sides.
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    I know where that one is headed.....

  15. Private Stock Hollowbody II with 408 Electronics

    The Private Stock Fairy has been paying a lot of regular visits lately to The Guitar Sanctuary new location.

    Today's beauty is a new Private Stock Hollowbody II with 408 Pickups in Sandstorm Fade...
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    (of course now all the wives know what I look like and know how to avoid "The Pusher".....)

    I'll be there at...
  17. New Store Grand Opening Celebration featuring PRSH and David Grissom

    The Guitar Sanctuary will be having the Grand Opening Celebration for our new store and Event Center on Saturday November 9th here in McKinney Texas (about 30 minutes north of Dallas) featuring PRSH...
  18. a Preowned Stunner needs her "Forever Home"...

    We got in this AMAZING Artist Package SC-245 with Flame Maple Neck in trade recently and she's too beautiful to not already have her "Forever Home":
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    Zappa Plays PRS...Live in McKinney

    How about a stunning Private Stock Dweezil Zappa to get us through hump-day:

    Private Stock # 4454
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    Hi Hans and all, Thanks to Hans to pointing...

    Hi Hans and all,

    Thanks to Hans to pointing out this thread regarding dealers that I had missed.

    I certainly do my best to take a look at the forums as often as possible, but admittedly these...
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    A Little Hollowbody Love....

    How about some love today for the Hollowbody:

    Hollowbody II in Old Antique Natural with Double 10 Top/Back:
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    Private Stock Tony McManus

    How about a beautiful acoustic to kick off the weekend:

    Private Stock Tony McManus in Cocobolo:
  23. P22 in Teal Black with Great inverted Chevron 10 Top

    Let's help everyone recover from their 4th of July festivities (and any lingering "effects") with a beautiful throwback color today:

    P22 in Teal Black with 10 Top in Flame Maple:
  24. Paul's Guitar in Yellow Tiger with Quilt Maple Top

    Another beautiful Paul's Guitar has made its way down to The Guitar Sanctuary:

    Serial Number: 13 199912
    Color: Yellow...
  25. Stunning SC58 Artist Package with One-Piece Top

    Our good friend PRSH will be here at The Guitar Sanctuary next week, hopefully he'll have some more beauties like this one with him:

    SC 58 Artist Package in Orange Tiger with One-Piece Quilt...
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