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  1. Great! Thanks for the replies, makes this...

    Great! Thanks for the replies, makes this installation nice and simple!
  2. Wiring a 3-conductor PRS pickup as a 2-conductor?

    I am in the process of swapping out the Dragon II pickup in the bridge of my PRS CE-22 for a two-conductor SD JB that I have. Obviously I will need to also replace the 5 way rotary with a simple...
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    Gibson 57 Classic Pickups in a PRS?

    I've been looking to upgrade the Dragon II's in my CE-22 and I've been offered a set of Gibson 57 Classic Plus pickups as a trade for something else I'm selling. Has anyone tried the classic plus or...
  4. What color bobbins to expect under Dragon II covers? Also bridge pup spacing?

    I have a PRS CE-22 that I'm thinking of upgrading the bridge pickup in. I've found a good deal on a Suhr Aldrich but it has double black bobbins.

    Since I'm reasonably happy with the Dragon II in...
  5. PRS Dragon II vs. Duncan 59/JB vs ??? for CE-22

    I recently scored a PRS CE-22 that the owner changed out the Dragon II pickups to a Seymour Duncan 59/JB set. He also changed the 5-way rotary switch to a 3-way toggle and wired it without any coil...
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