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  1. Poor Malcolm he's had a bad stroke.

    Poor Malcolm he's had a bad stroke.
  2. Thread: PRS guitarist?

    by markj

    Northern Irelands Fret tickler Simon Mcbride is...

    Northern Irelands Fret tickler Simon Mcbride is my favourite Prs user. So much so he got me into Prs guitars. I now own a custom 24 and a stripped 58.
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    Ordering tshirts for delivery to the UK.

    Was just going to order some superb Prs t shirts from the prs shop. the shipping alone to the U.K. was $121.00. When I have ordered t shirts from the states before It's only cost me $10.00. Any body...
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    Going to make some ebony truss rod covers.

    Just ordered some 3 mm ebony and was going to make a plain truss rod cover for my stripped 58. Would I be better leaving the ebony natural wood or finishing it with a sealer . Any advice would be...
  5. Any love for fender blues juniors, forum members.

    Was wondering if any forum members have or have had experience of fenders blues junior 3. I have a limited edition model fitted with a eminence cannabis rex speaker. I've had the amp for around 1...
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    Are ebony tuner buttons hard wearing ?

    I am thinking of replacing my tuner buttons on my phase 3 locking tuners for some cool looking ebony tuners. Has any forum member had any experience on these. I was wondering if the ebony would be...
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    I have replaced my Les Paul standard with a...

    I have replaced my Les Paul standard with a stripped 58 in the last few weeks. I had the Les paul for 10 years never completely happy with Its sound. I replaced the pickups twice with quality pickups...
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    I got the 3000+ a day for gibson from an employee...

    I got the 3000+ a day for gibson from an employee of prs Europe, but I could have got it wrong.
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    How many guitars does PRS make in a week?

    Was wondering how many U.S. guitars are made each week. I heard it was around 200+. I believe Gibson makes 3000+ a day. Any forum members know.
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    The two piece bridge is a great design, far...

    The two piece bridge is a great design, far better than gibson tunomatic bridge. I have nothing but praise for the guitar. The 57/08 pickups sound superb, far better than the high quality pickup...
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    New guitar day stripped 58
  12. SC58 owners tell how good your guitar is (awaiting delivery of mine)

    To all SC 58 owners how do you like your guitar ? I have a custom 24 2011 model with 59/09 pickups, it sounds superb. It's the most fantastic sounding guitar I've ever owned. I have just sold my...
  13. Advice please on buying Nitro sc245 or stripped 58.

    I have just sold my Les paul and I'm on the market for a replacement. I already own the latest custom 24 and find the guitar fantastic. My experience with prs has made me decide to get rid of my...
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    Anybody changed the caps in their guitar?

    Further to my earlier thread about changing pickups in my cu24. Another forum member suggested changing the caps. I was wondering If anybody had tried It, to thicken up the tone of the guitar.
  15. Hi Iam using a hughes and kettner puretone head...

    Hi Iam using a hughes and kettner puretone head and 2 x 12 cab, and a wampler ecstasy to drive the amp. I was thinking of changing the cap. like cjmwrx said. Mark.
  16. Pickup upgrade for 59/09 Custom 24, Something fatter and hotter!

    I have a custom 24, a 2011 model. Would like some advice from other forum members. The bridge pickup for me is to bright even when driven pretty hard and the the tone pot rolled back. Iam looking for...
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    New forum memeber Custom 24 Pics Click on the link to see my fantastic custom 24 in black gold. Posted earlier on the forum but only just found out how to sort the link out. Would really like the pics...
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    New forum member, custom 24.

    prscustom24 002prscustom24 003prscustom24 005Hi, New here to the forum. Thought you would like to see my new Custom 24. Its a superb guitar and it plays fantastic.Only had it 3 days. Its in black...
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