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Thread: Tremonti into a Piezo---I think it can be done

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    Tremonti into a Piezo---I think it can be done

    I recently had to sell off my P22 trem.

    It went to a very good place, and I know I can get another...

    I got to thinking...

    The P22 controls are: volume, tone, blend, 3way toggle and a 5 way toggle

    This should be workable into a Tremonti Trem--

    One vol
    One tone
    One blend
    The last knob is replaced with a 5-way rotary that acts as the 5 way blade
    The 3-way toggle can do the job of the P22's 3way

    The Tremonti Trem is really thick...I'm sure thick enough to accomodate the piezo electronics and the specialized mag/piezo/battery side plate....

    I think this could be done----

    Anything I'm missing?

    Any thoughts??

    This would be a nice to have a P22 in a different body shape

    Any input is greatly appreciated!


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    Your P22 went to a very good place indeed! It's an awesome guitar. Thanks very much again, Tony!

    I think you'd be better off keeping the three-way switch as the pickup selector and have volume, tone (with a push-pull switch) and blend pots, then use the remaining hole for the mini-switch. Alternatively, you could have a volume pot per pickup, tone (again with push-pull) and blend pots with the mini-switch for the piezo in the middle of the four pots. This might be the most versatile and also the most balanced looking. It does mean drilling a hole in the face of the guitar but there's already a bit of routing to get the jacks in there so a little hole won't make much difference.

    It'd certainly be cool. The only question is cost. And who knows? A piezo-equipped Singlecut might be on the cards already...

    What about going the cheap route and getting a Graphtech Ghost installed in a Tremonti SE? That way you can do it yourself and even have 13-pin output as well. The new Boss GP-10 looks like a superb piece of technology and for the price of a boutique pedal.

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