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Thread: Wicked Inquisition - Midwest Tour

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    Wicked Inquisition - Midwest Tour

    Hey All,

    In one week, my band Wicked Inquisition will be heading out on our first tour around the midwest. If you live near these cities it would be cool to see you guys at some shows. I'll be bringing both my SE guitars so we can talk about that and stuff

    All the show info is on our Facebook page as well as the venue websites.


    - Ben

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    I've never been to Melt in STL, but their Facebook shows the below sandwich...tasty looking eats...

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    So that's why my doctor just left me a message that said "Don't even think about it..."!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alantig View Post
    So that's why my doctor just left me a message that said "Don't even think about it..."!
    Heh. I got the same message from my doc.
    I saw ten thousand talkers whose tongues were all broken...


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    I'm way far south, otherwise I'd go. Good luck on your tour man
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