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Thread: Broken toggle switch

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    Broken toggle switch


    I had recently bought a PRS SE Zack Myers guitar. I absolutely love it and was playing away and changing the toggle switch and it went all loose. I took the plate of the back and looked in the cavity and the toggle switch unit legs had actually snapped off.

    Do you think this was broken prior to me buying the guitar.

    To buy a replacement seems quite expensive are there any other toggle switch units I could buy to replace it or do I have to buy a official PRS toggle switch

    thanks Sean

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    It's under warranty, PRS will fix it.
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    Yes, like Les said it is covered.
    I would take it back to your dealer.
    I have a 2012 SE Santana that has a faulty toggle switch, just have not got around to taking it to my dealer yet for a free replacement.

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