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Thread: NGD!!! S2 Singlecut Semi-Hollow Dark Cherry

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    Me likey. Congrats. ENJOY!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GS1 View Post
    Beautiful! How does she sound?
    Thanks guys! I'll try and get some sounds samples up this weekend. Any specific requests for samples (i.e. middle position coil tapped...)? I'll plan on doing a sample of some basic chords with a 'matrix' of settings and any specific requests that may not be covered well in the 'matrix'. The little time I've had to spend with it, the sounds are very versatile!
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    B E A utiful!

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    That is a core-worthy top - gorgeous. Definitely interested in hearing the splits vs. humbucker both clean and with a little dirt. Wondering how the middle combos (on split & one bucker) compare to the level of variation on the 408s.
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    The more I see the Dark Cherry Burst the more it's becoming my favorite finish. And that it's on a freaking S2 shows that PRS doesn't mean for the line to be cut rate.

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