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Thread: Think we'll see 408 with a piezo?

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    Think we'll see 408 with a piezo?

    A guy can dream, right?

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    Why not?
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    We have seen a few examples in private stock.

    If it will be on the main production, I will jump in straight away!
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    Seems to me there's no reason they couldn't! I think they just haven't yet. Seems like a natural.

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    Hmm, that would very much compete for my attention with the P24. Hmmm, indeed.

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    My first Private Stock had 408's and a piezo. Great combo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raven17 View Post
    My first Private Stock had 408's and a piezo. Great combo.
    Ditto. Very nice combination. I think even if there was a PRS with a PIEZO ONLY SETUP, it would still have a valid spot in a lineup. Excellent tone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suppalak Klabdee View Post
    We have seen a few examples in private stock.
    Like sasquach, they do indeed exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 11top View Post
    Like sasquach, they do indeed exist.

    Hollow that sucker out and I'd start feeling all tingly!

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    Wow, very unique and modern SC, are the controls sort of what you would expect from a 408/Piezo combo: Vol, tone, blend, piezo/both/magnetic switch, coil splits, 3 way magnetic toggle? I like blades but this seems to go well with a SC aesthetic.
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