Hi all,
I tried something a little different when I met Mark Tremonti at a Wildwood Music Meet and Greet on May 19. I was to nervous to bring my three Tremonti Signatures for signing, so my wife took a great picture with me with the three beasts and I asked Mark to sign that photo (see below). If there is a future Meet and Greet, I will bring the Tremonti II and ask for a back of the headstock signature. Mark had a PRS rep with him who brought nice 8x10 photos of Mark for his signature and a lot of blackplates that Mark signed. He signed so much I am surprised he could play that same night in Denver on the Creed tour.
I also did something different in that I brought each of the PRS Tremonti instruction cards. You know the little white card that shows where the volume and tone controls are. I asked Mark to sign all three (see below). After he signed the 2nd one he stopped, looked closer at it and laughed, "So this is how you play one of these things!"