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Thread: Calling out the Mod Staff...

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    Calling out the Mod Staff...

    First of all, it -NEVER- ends well...

    Posting PMs or e-mail is even worse...

    Any time an individual post is deleted, there is a note as to why it was deleted. Only the poster and the mod/admin staff can see it was deleted, so the "Why did you delete mine, but not XYZ's?" doesn't fly. You will have no idea about any other post that was deleted. Feeling entitled to an explanation, while certainly one's prerogative, most likely won't be happening. It only invites an argument. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt...

    When we make a point to mention why a thread was closed, and then a poster feels he "just has to make his point", in a completely different thread, what do you think is gonna' happen?

    The issue at hand WAS being discussed privately, until it was made public (and btw, not all of one side was made public...). That was not the way to win friends nor influence people.

    Thankfully, this board requires very little moderation. We get the drive by spammers, and the occasional hothead. But in it's 2+ year history, we've been fortunate to have few issues.

    We'd like to keep it that way.

    No one was banned over this. Only a short "time-out" was given.

    Funny, there were several posts deleted in that thread. Several others PM'd me to apologize for getting hot-headed and making our job more difficult.

    Same as it ever was...
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    I'm blissfully (and thankfully) ignorant of the entire situation in question, but I would like to say that I for one really appreciate the work done by the moderators here. I was once a moderator of a small forum, and I can promise you it can be a thankless, tiring job. Disputes - large and small - hassles, spammers, trolls... And no matter what you do or how you do it, somebody is bound to take exception sooner or later.

    I offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who works to make this forum what it is. I promise you that your work to keep it going day after day isn't taken for granted.

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    Calling out the Mod Staff...

    ...far better to take out the mod staff - say, for drinks or dinner or both!
    Gork what your need to gork.

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    I like getting my Mod Stuff at good selection.
    Uh, oh, mod staff not mod stuff? Never mind.

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    Is this the proper place to talk about pie? Cherry...I like cherry pie!
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    Quote Originally Posted by AP515 View Post
    Is this the proper place to talk about pie? Cherry...I like cherry pie!
    Banana cream for me.
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    Ill take strawberry rhubarb :-)

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    Is this the right room for an argument?

    I appreciate the mods here - this forum has been kept pretty drama-free. This is probably my second-most visited forum (only because of how the software processes what threads I've read), and it's something of a refuge. Not to say that there has to be agreement on everything, but we've mostly avoided the pettiness that I've seen on other forums. And I think that's in large part due to how the mods do their jobs. From what I've seen, you have to pretty much want to get banned to get banned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alantig View Post
    Is this the right room for an argument?

    I like surprises!!!

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