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Thread: White lettering wear

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    White lettering wear

    It's only a tiny cosmetic thing but does anyone else have the white lettering on the raised plastic lettering next to the mag/mix input jacks on a hollowbody coming off. After two months some of the letters have now gone and I suspect the rest will soon. Only been cleaned with a soft cloth.
    Cheers Steve

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    Not mine, but I believe it is engraved into the metal plate on mine, not raised lettering? I'm away from the guitars right now and can't check... Mine's a 2006.

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    Yes, has happen on both my P22 and my Hollowbody Singlecut II, rather annoying, and I have been especially careful when putting the guitars in their cases.
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    If the lettering is raised, it can easily be touched up; just touch the raised part with a very small, pointed brush dipped in white paint. You might want to use a magnifying glass to see the work more clearly while doing it. A very small amount on the brush goes a long way.

    If the lettering is engraved or incised into the metal part, the traditional way to touch it up is to rub a white grease pencil into the engraving, and then wipe the excess off the surface.

    I'd just leave it alone, however.
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    Thanks for the advice

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    I liked the music on your site, Steve; nice stuff!
    I saw ten thousand talkers whose tongues were all broken...


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    Yeah - mine is gone.
    - Dane

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    Quote Originally Posted by LSchefman View Post
    I liked the music on your site, Steve; nice stuff!
    Thanks, only just got my PRS and haven't got around to recording anything with it yet, live work is getting in the way. But more original stuff coming soon.

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    Wait a minute! There's lettering back there?

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