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Thread: DC3 Tone Is All Treble...Thoughts

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    DC3 Tone Is All Treble...Thoughts

    I have a beautiful and wonderful playing DC3 but hate the tones. I realize this guitar will sound very trebly, but this is off the scale. I've lowered the pickups and that has helped a little. My next step is to take it to a repair shop (Elderly Instruments, Lansing,MI) or sell it.

    Any thoughts before I do that?


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    I'd have Elderly take a look at it, just to see if there's something wrong.

    It should be a full-range guitar. Elderly usually has good repair folks to evaluate it.
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    I agree... you should have it checked out. I own one, and you can dial in a lot of warm tones on it.
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    Most likely a cold solder joint somewhere. I would have it looked at.
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    I don't know what kind of volume pots they use in the DC3, but if it's 500K you might try a 250K instead.
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