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Thread: First PRS

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    First PRS

    I just purchased my first PRS. It is a PRS SE Santana.
    I played one several years ago and I liked it.
    I am still waiting for UPS to deliver.
    Being a new PRS guy, can some of you tell me some of what you like about PRS

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    I had totally own 3 PRSi, currently only have one.

    Congratz, PRS SE are great guitars for an excellent price.

    What I like about PRS

    1. The consistence of great QC(even SE line), I never played a bad QC PRS in store/friend's, where other big name like Gibson/Fender totally a hit or miss.
    2. Aesthetic
    3. lot of usable tones available in a single guitar.
    4. The best neck profile in the world.

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    Thank you

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    Downers Grove Il.

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    Too close to the casinos in CT.........
    I love how everyone says first PRS.......cause they know there are more coming. I mean did you ever know ANYONE who stopped at one?
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    Awesome. Congrats. Bought my first PRS in January. Bought my second last Friday. Agree on the consistency: great playability, attention to detail, tone. If you do your research ahead of time, understand what you are looking for, find the model to fit your needs; you won't be disappointed. Have a blast.
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    I stopped at one ... for about 2 years. I didn't know what fun I was missing. Then I saw one on CL at a rediciulous price and once I bought it I was addicted to surfing for good buys. Yep, I contracted GAS...
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    Quote Originally Posted by WEDGE View Post
    I love how everyone says first PRS.......cause they know there are more coming. I mean did you ever know ANYONE who stopped at one?
    No one!!!
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    I now have an '08 Se Santana and a '12 Se 22 custom.
    I am trying to figure out why they are so light.
    I have several other guitars but the PRS SE are extremely light.
    Can anyone help educate me?
    Also, I have replaced the stock nut on several other guitars with a bone nut. Should I consider this for my new PRS's?

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    I have a new Santana SE in Santana yellow an really dig it. It has a highly flamed mahogany neck, or whatever you call those beautiful transverse grain patterns going all the way up the neck. This is a great guitar for me.

    It has a slightly darker sound than my other SE's, but my new Tremonti Custom has a maple neck and thicker body - maybe these characteristics impart to it a brighter more powerful sound, or maybe the 245 pickups in the SE models are slightly different from guitar to guitar model.

    I think the Santana SE is a very desirable and remarkable guitar and I dig mine very much. I play it almost every day, along with some of my other really nice guitars, thru a couple very decent Marshall new style DSL amps and a new Vintage style Avatar two by twelve cab with twin Eminence Swamp Thang speakers. I highly recommend these speakers and the Santana SE will sound even better when you play it thru even better sounding amps of whatever sonic qualities that you prefer.

    Congratulations on the new Santana. I think you will find it to be stunningly beautiful and superbly playable, with a sound that you will find to be quite remarkable. You made a great guitar choice in my opinion.

    Good luck with it.
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    I still can't get over how light they are

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian1300 View Post
    I still can't get over how light they are
    Hey Brian first welcome to our fold.
    I got my nephew a 2013 Santana SE a few montgs back and i too found it lighter
    Than my Maryland 513 but i can assure you that you'll be very happy with it. It's resonant
    Plays and sounds great and the trem and tuning stability are excellent and no need to replace the nut
    Actually i was a bit shocked at the quality, looks and playability.
    You made a good choice... Don't forget picture when she arrives or it didn't happen :biggrin

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    SE Santana is a darn fine place to start. That is where I (re)started in 2011 when I got back into playing - still one of my favorite SEs, love the neck pickup. And with the short scale and small body it's very comfy sitting or standing.
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    Well I was tooling around Ebay and I was putting what I thought were ridicules bids. Then out of no where I started winning. I had to ask sellers to please remove some of my bids because the rate I was going I was going to spend too much. One example is a PRS SE Custom (black with a trans black flame top) for $200. The end result was the Custom & the Santana. both are stunning

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    What's not to like?


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