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Thread: Regular Vs Wide/Thin neck advice

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    Regular Vs Wide/Thin neck advice

    I need help! I've searched and can't get a clear description on how these two necks compare. I currently have a Gibson Explorer and I'm wondering if it's neck is more similar to the wide/thin or regular. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    There are detailed measurements here:

    All you need to do is measure your Explorer at the same points, and you'll have a good idea of how they differ. Note however that the Explorer will have a different scale length than most PRS guitars (most PRSes are 25", a few are 24.5") and that can make a difference in overall feel as well.

    The best way, of course, to get a feel for PRS necks is to play a few.
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    Yeah, there are so many neck profiles out there used by the various manufacturers, it's hard to generalize. Your Explorer seems to have a neck profile that Gibson says is between the 50s style to 60s style, but I'm not one to say exactly what that means. It is probably closest to what PRS call a Regular or Pattern Regular neck. But the best way to find out would be to take your Explorer into a guitar store that has PRS models available with different neck profiles - the SE range has Wide-Thin on the SE Cu22/24, and Wide-Fat on the SE 245, for example.

    Which brings up the point that PRS themselves have gone from Regular, Wide-Thin and Wide-Fat to Pattern-Regular, Pattern-Thin, and Pattern, thus confusing the issue a bit more. But only on the Maryland-made models. SE models have the old profiles.

    This Gibson forum website thread has some nice illustrations:
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    The neck on my 80's Explorer E/2 is the closest thing I have in my collection to the Wide/Thin profile on my Cu24 . That said, they are not the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pfloyd57 View Post
    The neck on my 80's Explorer E/2 is the closest thing I have in my collection to the Wide/Thin profile on my Cu24 . That said, they are not the same.
    Would you say the Explorer had a thicker neck than the wide/thin (pattern thin) neck? And thanks for the responses from everyone, definitely helpful!

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    All the Explorers I have played have had a 50s or the X - Factor ( read FAT ) neck 12 Degree radius and 24.5 ( ish ) in scale
    The closest neck to a Gibson 50s neck IMHO is the Santana ( but it has 24 frets )
    Gibson necks are also a bit wider than anything PRS that I have WF and Pattern are closest to Gibson 50s Wide thin would be closer to the 60s neck but they are different in scale and radius
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    I have an Explorer a Custom 24 with a wide thin and a SC58. I would say that the explorer really is inbetween the CU24 and SC58. The 76 Explorer has less shoulder than a 50s LP, more flatter. This is the start of my measurements, still a lot to measure, all in mm Width Center Depth and Girth excludes fretboard width. 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th fret
    Gib Ex PRS Cust 24
    W G W C G
    43.5 111 43.36 20.6 110
    45.7 115 45.29 21 112
    47.7 119 47.16 21.65 116
    49.5 120 48.7 22.15 119
    50.9 124 50.49 22.52 122
    52.7 128 52.5 52.06 126

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