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Thread: Waiter, This Needs More Spalt

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    Quote Originally Posted by CantankerousCarl View Post
    Thanks Duff, and all. The last SECU24s I had were sporting Cobalts, which I really liked at the time with the hotter pups and higher gain, fit the sorta-band i was in then. I don't think the Cobalts do anything for the splits, they sound artificial somehow split on these.

    Whatever is in there sounds pretty darn good - again, nowhere near the articulation of the 5x/0x I have been spending alot of time with, but very smooth. I would consider swapping in the future, but I'll need some more time to get to know her. I really dig the S2 #7s I have heard, I think those might sound awesome in here...

    I must say that I really like Cobalts. I have no idea how they work with splits and have yet to find any of the split coil sounds, on any of my split coil switchable guitars, to be sonically remarkable. None of them sound anything like a strat or tele, to my ear, and I almost always play them "full humbucking". For instance, my Ibanez goldtop SX320 with Ibanez/Duncan humbuckers sounds incredible with the control on "full humbucking", but unimpressive split. Otherwise a great guitar.

    I find Cobalts to produce a strong and beautiful sound on all the guitars I have put them on. I also use regular D'addario or EB 0.009"s.

    About a half an hour ago I put a set of Cobalt nines on my new Santana SE in Santana yellow and they sound very good.

    Note: How do you like the stock "HFS/VB" pickups? What will you replace them with?

    I have a PRS SE Standard that the previous owner installed a Seymour Duncan "JB" pickup at the bridge. I don't mind the JB pickup and have them in several guitars, but I might put the stock bridge that came along with the guitar back in because I tend to like stock SE pickups. Do you happen to know what the stock pickups were in the PRS SE Standard? It is a cool guitar and the one in my avatar. I can use the JB elsewhere with no problem. How are the stock SE Standard pickups generally accepted by the crew?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aubs View Post
    That is one awesome funky looking guitar. Worth buying for the great looking binding alone. So when your eyes first saw it, did your heart do an extra palp?
    Several extra palps...time stood still...AND I heard the 'Fantasy Overture' from Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet.

    Quote Originally Posted by g.wizz View Post
    Was this spallted beauty a one off? I've never seen an SE with Binding let alone on the headstock too.
    G.Wizz, I am pretty sure it's one of the Sweetwater Sweet Stock ones...those pics show the binding, whereas the photos of the limited runs from the UK do not.
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    HNGD!!! Although it's a pipe dream, but if only the Spalted SE Custom 7 came stateside.....
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    Yep it's a Sweetwater Sweet Stock , the binding is fantastic looking on these guitars. I've had mine for about a year and it plays great. ENJOY!!!

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    Looks great. I thought seriously about getting one of these when I saw they were out. Very nice.

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    That binding is soooo fly! I especially dig the view of the fretboard... almost looks like trans-tortise shell. Other dealers should jump on that option for something unique.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CantankerousCarl View Post
    Here, you will see proof that the (sometimes-debated) the SECU24 maple wide-thin necks are indeed three-piece affairs.
    From a strictly structural standpoint, a laminated board is much stronger than a solid one. The various grains resist twisting and bending
    better than when all the grain is in the same direction. It doesn't bother me cosmetically. Different grains make it interesting.

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    Not really a fan of the spalt look but the headstock and all the binding looks fantastic!!!!

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