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Thread: Fading on a Paul's "Dirty" Faded Blue Jean actually looks AMAZING! Happy accident....

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    That looks AMAZING!!!

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    Crazy fade. I dig it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LSchefman View Post
    Or just don't hang them on the wall. They won't fade much if you keep them in the case when not in use.
    I have a 10 year old whale blue hollowbody and a faded blue burst Studio that have spent lots of time hanging on my wall. They have no fading that I've ever noticed. They do get natural light from the window, but of course I placed my hangers so that they never get direct sunlight.

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    Love your guitars. Keep them cased! IMO!
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    Great fade...and judging by the under-bridge blue...sat upright in direct light since birth(2013)...but rockin' color!!! Just check to make sure fingerboard is ok...I.e. Are fret tangs hanging out the sides??? (Is the fingerboard dried out??) but seriously, awesome color!!!

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    I had the same thing from GuitarGuitar here in the UK.
    The website pic must have been when it was new, then a year of being hung up has faded it quite a bit, but not as much are yours (yet!)

    Again, the grain seems to match up, otherwise you might think they are different guitars!

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