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Thread: Antique White S2 Singlecut used in Archon amp demo

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    Antique White S2 Singlecut used in Archon amp demo

    So you can see pretty much how these look here! plus get an idea of how the pick ups sound. While ok my Antique white S2 Singlecut now sports the \m/ pickups in it . result?? IMO HUGE improvement. when you listen the the clean playing here in neck position it dounds warm but also not much punch or definition on the lower notes and strings. This is what I hate about most HB neck pick ups. the new \m/ with ceramics do not have this issue. clear defined and punchy. And coil tapped they still sound great!! I know I had an 02 LP standard with the new to Gibson Burst buckers and hated the neck pick up. Actually an ony guitar whether PRS or anything I owned my favorite pick ups were ones I had on my 2000 Explorer with the Gibson ceramics. Clean that are incredible. So these \m/ have me going OH YA this is it! oh ya BTW the last part he plays with gain cranked. my \m/ kill this for tone. much more defined and punchy with no mud. ( so can you tell I like the \m/ pick ups in my S2???
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    Oh man... This isn't going to be good for my wallet!

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    What a great demo of the guitar and amp! That combination sounds like it could cover every genre....
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    Dave rocks.... If you haven't heard his solo recordings, you're missing out...
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    Dave is great and does some of THE BEST demos.
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