So I've got this 2002 Singlecut. Nice hunk o' wood, bit of BRW in the neck department, natural finish. Pretty sweet guitar, but a bit heavy for my tastes, so I decided I was going to move it on by trade over on TGP, some might have seen it. ( thread is now deleted, I don't want to pass on this guitar if it's going to cause issues for the next owner )

Anyway - Shock, horror. When I was giving it a once over this afternoon, I notice the 2 small areas of what had appeared to be 'mistiness' in the finish had spread and now it's looking pretty bad.
The guitar is located in Thailand ( where I live ) and was imported from Canada about 18 months ago. It stays in it's case most of the time. I suspect the humidity over here, but I'm really not sure.

Anyone have any ideas about what's going on here? Or how I can fix it?


These are the worst areas but it looks like a general mistiness is creeping in on the back side of the guitar.

Quick frontal, just because :

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated!