Hey guys

Been a guitar player for many years and have owned various guitar's over my time currently with a ESP Custom shop Stef-6, Ibanez Apex-1 and Fender Jim Root Telecaster Custom shop which is hooked up to a Blackstar Series one Combo amp.

I have finally manage to save up and buy my first PRS guitar (woo finally) i was ramping on getting a custom 24 at first, as i was growing up all my bands used these guitar's but over the last few weeks the PRS Tremonti model just screams at me more and more, Since selling my gibson les paul studio afew months ago i've somewhat missed the shape and the thick tone.
Currently Dv24/7 have given me a good discount on a brand new prs in fire red about 400 off retail price as i have bought all my gear from them and a loyal customer but the main question i have to ask to the PRS-Genius is what's the difference between the models say year by year. as i have found some Tremonti model's on ebay for 1600 which dates back to 2007 various years according to the price. any help be amazing.

Also seen the Thank you Package so that's def swade me towards buying new, any details from you guys be very appreciated since im new to PRS.