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Thread: PRS Tremonti Help?? < new to prs >

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    Lightbulb PRS Tremonti Help?? < new to prs >

    Hey guys

    Been a guitar player for many years and have owned various guitar's over my time currently with a ESP Custom shop Stef-6, Ibanez Apex-1 and Fender Jim Root Telecaster Custom shop which is hooked up to a Blackstar Series one Combo amp.

    I have finally manage to save up and buy my first PRS guitar (woo finally) i was ramping on getting a custom 24 at first, as i was growing up all my bands used these guitar's but over the last few weeks the PRS Tremonti model just screams at me more and more, Since selling my gibson les paul studio afew months ago i've somewhat missed the shape and the thick tone.
    Currently Dv24/7 have given me a good discount on a brand new prs in fire red about 400 off retail price as i have bought all my gear from them and a loyal customer but the main question i have to ask to the PRS-Genius is what's the difference between the models say year by year. as i have found some Tremonti model's on ebay for 1600 which dates back to 2007 various years according to the price. any help be amazing.

    Also seen the Thank you Package so that's def swade me towards buying new, any details from you guys be very appreciated since im new to PRS.

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    For the most part the only differences you'll see in the Tremonti is between the original non trem model with his name on the 12th fret and wide fat neck. The Tremonti II depending on the year has the tremonti wide thin or pattern wide thin neck and trem.

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    ^^this. The other stuff that can be different is that most 2011 and all 2012 models have the newer Phase III tuners which apparently are very precise. You can easily spot them because they have the open back. I heard that the Pattern neck carve differs from the Wide fat carve, so it is possible that the older Tremonti IIs with the wide thin feel differently than the newer ones with the Pattern thin.

    Plus the newest PRS guitars have sqare pickup bobbins that fill out the entire pickup rings. That's mostly cosmetic though, just like the birds. A 2007 Tremonti II will have old birds, 2008 to 2010 will most likely have outline birds and the newest ones have the "dirt birds".

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    I just signed on to this awesome PRS Forum and I think I’ll make my first post about your topic as Tremonti Signatures are my favorite PRS model.
    Congratulations on saving up for a PRS! That is quite an accomplishment.
    I agree with everything that has been said above. Another aspect could come into play if you are looking at any of the original pre and post lawsuit Tremonti Signatures. The originals did not have a tremolo and as has been stated, did have the wide fat neck. Both of these help shape the sound and offer different tones in certain respects. I met Mark at a Meet and Greet here in Colorado back on May 19 at Wildwood Guitars (thanks to Jhenri above for alerting the Alter Bridge Nation about this event!) . He was there with Eric Friedman for 2 whole hours so there was plenty of time for tech talk. I showed him a picture of my three Tremonti Signatures and said that with the original and Tribal signatures, I can get longer sustain and can do pinch harmonics without really trying. He agreed and said that the overall mass of the original and Tribal, with their bigger wide fat neck and huge solid tailpiece, give longer sustain and easier pinch harmonics. Granted, high gain amplification, string type and gauge, pick, and technique have a lot to do with it. Mark pulls off incredible pinch harmonics no matter what he is playing.
    I think you’ll be very happy if you go the Tremonti route. The neck pickup is clean and can get a little dirty at higher volumes. The bridge pickup is what I love and drop D chords are very defined and sustain for days. I wish I could tell you how it compares to a Custom 24 but I’ve never played one. I do own a 513 and that has a similar shape to the Custom 24 but weighs a lot due to electronics. It is a great guitar and gets all sorts of different sounds. I like the Tremonti II neck over the 513 neck.
    The PRS Thank you package will definitely be worth it. I got one back when I got the 513. Good luck with you decision. It’s nice when life gives us these “tough” decisions.
    I am going to attempt adding a picture below of my three Tremonti Signatures. I hope it works.

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    I have to admit, I am not the biggest PRS guy. I am a Gibson and Fender guy first, but I do have a few PRS guitars. I sold my McCarty andCustom 22 models but I still have my CE-22 which has always been my favorite PRS but I recently picked up a Santana SE and am curious about the Tremonti bridge pickup for clean to ean? I play in a 90s rock band, but I am not a fan of Tremonti's live tone. Having seen them live, always thought his tone was horrible, but I tend to like medium to high output pickups. If not the Tremonti picups, I will end up with Rio Grandes, Dimarzio or Duncans. Thanks!

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    I also noticed that the electronics have changed for 2012 lists 3 different wiring schematics:

    Anybody knows more about what difference those actually made? The 2012 seems to have bigger caps
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