I have a Paisley Drive for my OD. A Big Muff with Tone Wicker for my fuzz. I'm looking for some good classic distortion to go in between those two pedals. I play through one of two amps - a tweed twin or a twin reverb. Guitars are usually either one of my many Strats, a tele, or a PRS CE-22. The tone that I'm looking for is kinda old school distortion - 70's and maybe some 80's (Ratt, Motley Crue, etc.). Definitely not anything super heavy. I really don't play much stuff that I need something that heavy but I like to have it if the mood arises. I'm considering either the Wampler SLOstortion or ProCo Rat. Any thoughts from you guys? I've spent so much time looking for an OD pedal that I like that I've kinda lost touch with what's out there as far as distortion goes.