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Thread: CR's Pickup Shootout w/ my DGT Standard

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    CR's Pickup Shootout w/ my DGT Standard

    I have gathered a few sets (PRS, Gibson, DSG, Duncan, Dimarzio) and am waiting on the last box now. Should be here by Tuesday. Thanks to all for contributing. If anyone has a set they want to add to the gathering, PM me & I'll add 'em in!
    Shooting will start Tuesday or Wednesday. I have wired the DGT (Mr Clean) up for quick pup changes. It's ugly, but it works!

    A few other "inerd" shots.
    Great volume kit for 'buckers!

    Awesome tone cap in there!

    This should be fun. Will take FOREVER to edit!!
    Last call if anyone has a set or 2 they want to put up against these others. I promise I will take care of them & return them in a timely fashion.
    I only want to do a shootout of this scale once!
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