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Thread: NGD White Hollowbody II!

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    NGD White Hollowbody II!

    Literally a dream of mine has come true! About a week ago I decided to order a Mushok SE. I sold one to John Beef years ago and always missed it. I've worked at a GC for over ten years, so I placed the employee purchase order into the distribution center to be shipped in. That night, a used Music Man Luke III with solid rosewood neck was returned from another store during my shift. I played it, plugged it in, loved it. On a whim I cancelled my order for the Mushok and took the Luke III home.

    I got home and instantly developed a laundry list of things I didn't like about it. One being of course it wasn't a PRS, but it just wasn't for me. Don't get me wrong, it was a fantastic guitar, but not for me. So I pretty much decided it was going back the next morning.

    We opened a store in Times Square about four months ago, and every time they open a new location they send a short email to the chain saying, "Yadda yadda we're opening our 265th store tonight in so and so", and they include a tiny picture of some part of the store. Way in the back, I noticed a white Hollowbody hanging on the guitar wall, and I pointed it out to a couple of my work buddies saying how badass those guitars are.

    Anyway back to the other night when I still had the Music Man, I had a dream that I was in the Times Square location, running around trying to find this white Hollowbody. Of course it was full of customers and took forever to get anywhere, I was even taking escalators up and down to different floors, even though I'm pretty sure that store doesn't have any. I never found the guitar. I woke up, and decided I was going to see if it was still there. It was, and the next day it was shipped to my store and found it's way into my hands!!

    I am absolutely floored by everything on this guitar. It is just amazing. My two Custom 22's have Duncan pickups, Alternative 8's in both bridge positions. I was concerned I wouldn't like the 57/08's as I've always gravitated towards hot pickups. I was blown away as soon as I plugged into my rig. I love these pickups! They are super versatile, and I think perfect for this guitar. They can do heavy no problem, but they also have this clean, clear fat sound. I now see why they have the reputation they do, they are astounding!

    The piezo system is fantastic too! I've gotten awesome tones using it on the clean channel of my head, and also have experimented running into my home PA system and blending it with my amp, and I can't rave enough about it. The neck is a Pattern, super comfortable. The Phase III's, like the pickups, I thought I wouldn't like. But they're awesome. Super smooth and extremely precise.

    I am in love with this guitar, and I feel so lucky to have and play it. It is really a dream come true!

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    Absolutely beautiful guitar. I'm sure the tone is amazing. Congrats!!

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    I love it. Excellent platform, excellent color.
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    Elegant, understated beauty.

    I love the headstock contrast.
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    I like the story as much as the guitar. Sounds like you found your soul mate.
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    Congrats! Best lookin' Hollowbody EVER!!!!!

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    Glad to hear you found the guitar of your dream. A classy looking axe with versatility! Congrats!

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    Thanks guy!! I appreciate it. I didn't want to start a new thread so I'll put this here, new family shot! With kitty!

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    LOVE the family shot!!

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    Very nice. Congrats. Smells like class to me. Enjoy it.

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    Simply elegant! HBII, one of the finest PRS instruments!

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    Never seen a white one-BEAUTY!

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    Beautiful guitar and a good story. Congrats!

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    Great story, and what a gorgeous guitar! Enjoy the heck out of it!
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    Also never seen one - you must have quite a rare bird. And a super badass one at that. Congrats!!!
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    Very cool that you were able to get that guitar.
    It is a sweet heart.

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    That looks super classy, I just love it! A lot of great white guitars on here lately!

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