Since recently joining this forum I've read some well thought out opinions regarding pickups. I'd like to gain some of that insight with an issue I'm dealing with.
I have what I consider my personal #1 guitar, in a Hollowbody Spruce w/piezo. This guitar just plays incredibly and in doing so, makes me a better player. Love it.
A few months ago I decided I'd purchase a Korean made Epiphone Dot and upgrade it a step at a time, on my quest to a more 335ish instrument. The first change was the purchase of a pair of Seymour Duncan Seth Lover P/U's. To say it changed the guitar would be a gross understatement. It transformed it completely. To my ear there is more clarity and musicality in those P/U's, than the Archtop P/U's in the HB Spruce. I've toyed with the idea of a change but have been reluctant to alter the PRS in any way. Not that it's a closet queen, it's played, tarnished, nicked slightly, just not modded.
What are the thoughts and experiences of any of you who have had that experience?