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Thread: NGD - Singlecut with 408 P-ups & Ziracote Neck......

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    Fan-freaking-tastic!! A natural beauty! I am also curious about the tone/feel of the ziricote neck; don't think I have seen that before!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blaren View Post
    with acoustic guitars the backwood is a major tone contributor to the guitar's voice.
    Electric guitar necks also contribute somewhat to the guitar's voice but it's pretty minor in the grand scheme of things...isnt it?
    In my experience, at least in more scientific situations like with a bolt-on neck where you can bolt the same neck on to several bodies, the neck IS the major contributor to an electric guitar's tone. I keep saying this and wish I could find the original link... there was a guy a few years ago on one of the forums who had two Suhr S type guitars. One was an alder body with a maple neck and rosewood fretboard, the other was an ash body with an all maple neck and fretboard. Everything else was identical, electronics, frets, finish (not color, but finish type and thickness). There were some noticeable differences to the tone when played side by side, same riff, same amps and mic, etc... The he swapped the necks between the guitars and played them side by side again. It was amazing being able to A/B/C/D them, and to hear what changed. 90% of the tone went with the neck.

    So, if Ziricote is a sought after tonewood for acoustic backs, I would not be surprised if it sounds great as an electric guitar neck. Sure looks good!
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    wow! neck wood aside this would be my idea of a perfect guitar for me. Single cut with just 2 knobs. the 408 set up. the two pice bridge. Now if it is the 25" scale and pattern neck it would be perfect for me. I like the PRS singelcuts but don`t want one in 24.5 scale or 4 knob set up. the knobs are all in the wrong place but withthe two knob the volume is perfectly off the treble PU for pinky ease of adjusting volume. could a person special order say a 408 but in a singlecut style?
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    I don't remember seeing that one before; what a guitar!

    Everything about it is cool, tasteful, perfection. I love the 408s and the 2 piece bridge, would like to hear how that thing sounds with both!
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    A Natural Wonder!!!

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    Ohh great, there goes my GAS again.... Congrats Markie. It sure is pretty!

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