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Thread: Where does the music take you?

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    Where does the music take you?

    I never owned an 8-track - but a fellow on my floor in freshman year at college did and played DSotM continuously whether he was there or not, whether he was sleeping or not.

    I read the "Hobbit" and "Lord the the Rings" trilogy in his room that year and still get mental pictures of the Misty Mountains and characters and other places in my head when I hear anything from DSotM.

    Music transports us. It is the background of our lives. I can actually see and smell (mix of incense and AC) my dorm room from summer school between my freshman and sophomore years when I hear 10CC's "I'm Not in Love". I can see a girl I met for the first time there too.

    Everyone has songs that punctuate our memories. What is the soundtrack of your first love, your first child, your first car?
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