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Thread: New 5 way switch mod available thru PTC

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    This should be a standard wiring for Custom 24.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn@PRS View Post
    The PTC has created a wiring mod for the 5 way blade switch. The PTC can add a push/pull pot to your existing guitar to give you 3 additional singlecoil settings.

    You get the 5 standard settings from your switch when the push/pull pot is in the down position, but in the UP position, the humbuckers are tapped to single coils. Giving you 3 additional settings (position 1, 2 and 4 are identical)

    So, here are the standard positions with push/pull in the Down position:
    ■Position 1: Bridge humbucker
    ■Position 2: Bridge humbucker with neck singlecoil, in parallel
    ■Position 3: Bridge and neck humbuckers
    ■Position 4: Neck singlecoil with bridge singlecoil, in parallel
    ■Position 5: Neck humbucker

    And this is what you could get with the push/pull in the UP position:
    Position 1: Bridge Single coil (coil closest to neck)
    ■Position 2: Bridge Singlecoil (coil closest to the neck)
    ■Position 3: Bridge and neck single coils (coils closest to the neck)
    ■Position 4: Bridge singlecoil (coil closest to the neck)
    ■Position 5: Neck Singlecoil (coil closest to the neck)

    This mod will add another chapter to an already versatile instrument. The price is $125 plus shipping
    If you're interested, please complete the form found here: and we can get the process going.
    sure it's very interesting mod with a decent price. a very good deal. thanks fro sharing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shultzie View Post
    Hey Shawn,

    Can you perform this mod on a P22 as well?...


    Joe Shultz
    It was done on my PS P22 ... Works great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lchender View Post
    Hi Shawn,

    Is there anyway that one could get hold of a 5-way rotary drop in replacement that would give older PRS guitars equipped with the 5-way rotary the new switching positions? Maybe then this new add-on could also be added?
    Unfortunately the 5 way rotary switch (PC board variety) has pre-set positions that cannot be changed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn@PRS View Post
    ^^^ We can do it with a rotary switch as well^^^
    Shawn, what would the extra sounds be like on an older Custom with 5 way rotary? My 95 Custom has the PC board variety.

    I did put in a coil tap(Neck PU) into something like this years back and the only useful sound I got was the Neck Single Coil...
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