Hey I'm new to this forum but have been playing PRS guitars for at least 5 years now.

Let me explain my situation. My #1 guitar is my pre-factory PRS CE-24. It's beat up badly but it just sounds so amazing and has a clear character. I bought a Navarro Custom 24 a few years back and thought it'd be even better but somehow it doesn't come close to the older PRS that I've got. It's got less output, less clarity and a muddy low end. Sort of a mumbly tone. Also the split coil settings don't really sound like I want them to sound and on the prefactory one they are amazing.

Both guitars have the same pickups unless they changed the pickups somewhere along the way. Is the bolt-on vs glue neck factor supposed to be this big?

If so, I'd love to get some recommendations for pickup replacements to make my Custom 24 on par with the prefactory PRS. What I want is to have extremely good tones when the pickups are split because I want that versatility. Ofcourse I love the PRS tone and so I don't want to have active pickups. I play everything from funky poprock to metal but not "the brootz". Is there a replacement people usually go for on Custom 24s?

Thanks in advance guys!