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Thread: PRS V12 finish

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    PRS V12 finish


    i am searching for a nice PRS Tremonti, either the Tremonti IIwith the acrylic finish or the newer version with the V12 finish. Before i discuss the general differences of the guitar, let me ask you about the newer V12 finish and the problem with the Finish Chipping. I was reading these threads.
    Some guys sent their guitars to PRS and received it back with a perfect rework ( durable finish ). So is it safe to say that PRS has now a newer version of their V12 finish, a new formula which they have on all of their new guitars? And if so, from which year is it safe to buy? eG from 2013??

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    I have had 3 PRSi with V12 finish, 2 from 2011 and 1 from 2012. Only 1 of them (2011) had minor issues with the finish, where you could see it separating slightly from the sides of the fretboard and neck pocket. I think it's a quality finish, you just have to be more careful with it as they "bruise" easier than the old poly finishes. I am not sure if they have a "newer version" of the V12 or not. My biggest gripe with the finish is how slippery it is. Those that I've had have almost slipped out of my lap when played sitting, & I have had to hang onto them a bit while playing, which can be a little uncomfortable. When I place a V12 PRS on a normal guitar stand, I literally watch it slide a few centimeters until it finds it's place.

    All in all, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another PRS with the V12, but you might want to try the guitar first to make sure it sits well/is comfortable to you. Good luck!

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    The older poly/acrylic finishes would occasionally separate from the wood if bumped, as one might expect, including along the fingerboard. I had some flaking with the earlier finish. I think that's just what happens sometimes when you paint wood.

    I've had four V12 finished PRS guitars, from 2011-2013, and none of them have had problems that the older finishes didn't occasionally have. So there's that.

    I'm not sure how much finishes affect the tone of the guitars, but I have noticed that I've liked the sound of my V12 guitars better than I did the earlier ones. I do realize that PRS has made other improvements in hardware, nuts, etc., in the past few years, so it's difficult to say that's the result of the finish. However, to me they do sound a little woodier and more responsive lately.

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    I wouldn't worry about issues with V12 much. I think it's a pretty small percentage of guitars. I'd get whichever guitar has the options you want more. I think the chipping issues on the fretboard are more often due to an extremely oily piece of rosewood. That seems to be where this type of thing happens most often. I know there have been some issues on the body - some, but far fewer?

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