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Thread: The Incomparable Rosewood Limited

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    The Incomparable Rosewood Limited

    One of my all-time favorite PRS Guitars is the Rosewood Limited (RL). It is the result of two great ideas from Paul and Ms. Bonni Lloyd (of Bonni Pink fame). RL's are adorned with a Brazilian Rosewood fretboard and the original Tree of Life inlay (not to be confused with the Tree of Life model introduced in 2011).

    The RL inlay was designed by Pearl Works and constructed of mammoth ivory, brown lip mother of pearl, abalone, mother of pearl, paua, coral, and gold. In addition, the inlay was etched, adding a tremendous amount of detail to the overall aesthetic.

    Some were semi-hollow and a few even had a tremolo but I've only seen one.

    While admiring the detail on the fretboard, many people fail to flip them over to see one of the things that makes them truly special. They were the 1st production PRS (100 guitars) to feature a solid Indian Rosewood neck. You may also notice that the neck is finished, another somewhat unusual feature.

    While the Rosewood Limited is an exceptionally beautiful guitar, the combination of wood, McCarty-thick mahogany body, and flawless construction makes for one of the best sounding guitars to come from the factory in the late-'90's. If you think about it, the Modern Eagle (especially the ME2) can find it's roots (sorry, couldn't help myself) right here.

    Show your Rosewood Limited!

    Here is #71. To steal a phrase from one of it's former owners (The Honorable Gerald Johnson), it is one of the "crown jewels of my collection."

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