Ok here is the deal. I am looking for some insight to an issue and I might be over thinking but here it goes. I have 2 stoptail siggys , one in charcoal burst and one in fire red. I have had the red for about 4 months now and the strings are probably about a month old and the charcoal buster I got about 2 weeks ago with new strings and yes they are both tuned to the same setting with same gauge strings. When I am playing the charcoal buster compared to the fire red it seems that charcoal is brighter with more highs and I am trying to take into account that the strings on the charcoal are new compared to the red. When I go from the fire red to charcoal I have to roll the tone knob on the charcoal about half way back to get the same sound using the same amp and settings. Maybe I am over analyzing but it just seems as though the charcoal has more of a single coil sound in the bridge humbucker than in the fire red burst. I am looking for insight and yes I am going to put new strings on the fire red.