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    PTC Project- '86 Swirl

    Here is a really cool project the PTC is currently working on, posted with permission of the owner. This started life as a yellow Standard from 1986, but a few years later the owner decided to give it a swirl paint job. The bridge area was also modified to give an “up route” type of effect. The guitar is now back at the factory and we are now in the process of bringing her back to her former glory. I will post progress pics as things happen. I hope you enjoy them

    This one had a high profile stable mate for a while. That is Mr. Santana's #1 next to her.

    headstock paint

    After a few gentle passes with some sand paper, the original color and logo are revealed

    As mentioned, the bridge area was modified for a "trem up route" effect

    We had to prep the area for further work

    Epoxy is then poured into the cavity

    and then sanded smooth and routed out

    The guitar is getting stripped to bare wood

    Here is Scotty B the PTC Ninja with the semi-stripped top
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